Abidaner obtains re-election and triumphs in Congress – Juventud Rebelde

Abidaner obtains re-election and triumphs in Congress – Juventud Rebelde
Abidaner obtains re-election and triumphs in Congress – Juventud Rebelde

SANTO DOMINGO, May 20.— Numerous governments welcomed the electoral victory of Luis Abidaner, re-elected on Sunday as president of the Dominican Republic with around 58.39 percent of votes, which was the amount in his favor when 64 were counted. 16 percent of the votes and the trend was irreversible.

The victory of his Modern Revolutionary Party extended to Congress. According to local journalistic sources, this group won the parliamentary elections in 20 of the 32 regions of the country.

Among a total of nine candidates, Abidaner was followed in scoring by former president Leonel Fernández (27.68 percent), and Abel Martínez, of the Dominican Liberation Party (10.79 percent), reported the Central Electoral Board.

In a statement, the Government of Venezuela saluted “the Dominican people and their institutions for their outstanding participation in the day” and wished President Abinader “great success in the progress and well-being of his nation in this ratified vote of confidence that he has received from their voters to direct the reins of their country,” PL reported.

In a message on the social network

The president of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo, and the head of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, spoke in the same sense, as well as the heads of state of Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico, and the former Argentine president Alberto Fernández, among other dignitaries.

«I assume the trust that I have received and the obligation not to disappoint you. “I will not fail you,” Abidaner promised his followers, upon learning of the victory.

One of the points that must be analyzed after the elections is the possibility of a tax reform, which constituted an important part of the campaign debates and around which there are different proposals due, said Diario Libre, to a deficit budget. who would need more income.

«We show that progress can be achieved with inclusion. The best is yet to come,” Abidaner also announced on Sunday.

Dominicans voted on Sunday to elect the president and vice president of the Republic, 32 senators, 190 deputies, 20 representatives to the Central American Parliament (Parlacen) and the same number of substitutes.

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