Milei comes to Córdoba and Llaryora announced that she will accompany him at official events

Milei comes to Córdoba and Llaryora announced that she will accompany him at official events
Milei comes to Córdoba and Llaryora announced that she will accompany him at official events

The President of the Nation, Javier Milei, will be in Córdoba on Saturday to celebrate May 25. It will not be to sign the “pact” (discarded since noon), but to celebrate the event for a new anniversary of the national day.

“It is coming, yes,” he said to The voice a high source from the Provincial Government, without further details.

The news was confirmed an hour after the governor of Córdoba, Martín Llaryora, issued a press release in which he announced that he would accompany Milei during the “planned agenda” of the president in the province.

What does that mean? That Llaryora will receive Milei at the Taravella airport, she will give him a formal welcome, and then she will “accompany him to all official events,” as explained by the Panal.

As said, the visit will be next Saturday. It could be from 3:00 p.m. and Milei would be accompanied by one of his ministers.

The Historic Town Hall remains the most likely place to hold the meeting.

“On Tuesday, the Office of the President will release a statement with the details. But yes, he is traveling to Córdoba for an event,” sources from the Casa Rosada assured this medium.

It will be the libertarian’s first visit since he has been President, since his last time in the province had been on November 16 to close the electoral campaign towards the presidential elections against Sergio Massa.

Beyond the confirmation of Milei’s arrival, the Municipality of Córdoba, responsible for the Cabildo, said mid-afternoon on Monday that they still did not have details of the visit.

It is known that, days ago and when the “pact” was still alive, a presidential delegation came to the Capital to see the Cabildo, among other venues. And that they were working on a “changing of the guard” of the Federales de Bustos for the occasion (which will take place on the 24th at midnight).

Council of the city of Córdoba. (Ramiro Pereyra / The Voice)

At the event, which would take place on Saturday afternoon on the esplanade, Milei would speak (around 6 p.m.) and there would be hot chocolate for those present, since a polar cold wave is expected that day.

On Saturday, as stated, Llaryora announced that on Saturday morning he will lead the celebration of May 25 in the city of Río Cuarto, alternate capital of the province.

There, the governor will preside over the central event and the civic-military parade.

Llaryora’s statement about Milei

“If the afternoon visit of the President of the Nation, Javier Milei, to our Province is confirmed, and respecting the institutionality that the occasion requires, the Governor will accompany the agenda planned by the President,” says the brief statement that was released. before the presence of the libertarian in Córdoba was confirmed.

And he added: “In addition, within this framework, the Province has made available to the relevant national organizations, everything necessary so that this institutional event can be accompanied by the people of Córdoba.”


Once the “May pact” has fallen, which was scheduled for next Saturday, At the Casa Rosada they have now confirmed that Milei is coming to Córdoba on May 25 to lead an event “with the citizens”, instead of the institutional summit with the governors.

At first, it had been anticipated that Llaryora would remain in Río Cuarto while the President was in the province. The thing is, at the Civic Center they admitted that it would be “uncomfortable” for Milei to come to lead a party event, instead of the summit that was postponed due to the impossibility of having the “base law” approved this week.

But this Monday, at the Panal they changed their perspective and came out to clarify that the President of the Nation will have the support of Llaryora during his agenda in the province.

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