tense exchange between Zoe Bogach’s boyfriend and mother after treating him as violent

Thus, this Monday, with the participant out of the house, the three met again in the Telefe studio and both their former colleagues and the analysts consulted Zoe If she was aware of the confrontation between her mother and her boyfriend.

Completely surprised, Bogach managed to confess that she did not know what the conflict was: “Before entering the house everything was fine, the truth is that now I have no idea about anything, I’m just finding out now, I don’t know what will happen but we will talk about it outside, off camera”.

Zoe and her boyfriend Manuel – capture GH2023.jpg

Meanwhile, about why he prohibited Manuel enter the house, Aixa argument: “It’s something I prefer to keep private, I even asked that they not mention it. It is a long and complex topic. I don’t think we’re going to play it on air without Zoe being aware, I specifically asked for it to protect her little head, because she doesn’t know anything..

It was there when Zoeholding her boyfriend’s hand, slipped visibly annoyed: “Mom is very overprotective and that sometimes works against her”which caused Aixa would break

“Mom has that fear with me, she takes care of me a lot and is proud of that, but You have to understand that I have grown up, I can handle myself and learn from my mistakes. We’ll talk about it laterhe concluded Zoe trying to cast a blanket of mercy in the open air and especially in his long-awaited reunion with his partner.

Santiago del Moro made an unexpected announcement in Big Brother: “The most feared enter”

The driver of Big Brother (Telefe), Santiago del Moroannounced this Monday that on Tuesday there will be a very special Frozen for the reality players.

“Do you know what this is? Tomorrow, a very special Frozen Food”the presenter read the statement that was inside the yellow envelope. “Do you know who enters the house tomorrow? Tomorrow the house is going to freeze and… the analysts enter”revealed.

“Tomorrow the analysts enter the house to give their critique live”he said between laughs. “I’m going to ask you some questions.”he detailed Del Moro. “The house is going to be frozen and they come in… the most feared”hill.

santiago del moro_.jpg

On the other hand, last Sunday, at the elimination gala, Del Moro He had given good news to the visitors: he had revealed that a positive plaque would be opened with all the relatives and friends of the participants so that the one with the most votes would win a house.

He had also told them that the players will compete for weekly leadership and whoever becomes leader will have the difficult task of choosing a visitor to leave the reality show.

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