Frontal system in the RM: flooded steps, fallen trees and thousands of homes without electricity

It is expected that more than 100 millimeters of water fall in the Metropolitan region in a frontal system that is forecast to last about 72 hours. However, in just a few hours of rainfall, the RM It already registers fallen trees, flooded level crossings and thousands of homes without electricity.

One of the most affected communes is Puente Alto, in the south of the capital, where several floods are recorded as a result of the malfunction of the collectorsmaking it difficult for vehicles to circulate.

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In addition, people had to be rescued from inside their vehicles, after they were trapped in the streets full of water.

One of the critical situations that are repeated every time the capital faces a frontal system with a certain intensity, They are the underground passages, where a lot of water tends to accumulate, mainly affecting smaller vehicles, which can become trapped.

The Ministry of Transportation has confirmed that the Av. crossing is closed. Departmental with Gran Avenida, in both directions, of the commune of San Miguel. In addition to others in Lo Espejo, Pedro Aguirre Cerda and San Bernardo.

Earlier, It was reported that a large tree fell in the Francisco Castillo Velasco sector with Parinacota Street in the commune of La Reina, product of the heavy rain and wind.


The Undersecretary of Electricity and Fuels (SEC) has reported that there are about 60 thousand homes without electricity in the Metropolitan region product of the front system.

In detail, Ñuñoa is the most affected commune with more than 11 thousand houses without electricityfollowed by La Reina with just over 10 thousand and Pudahuel with 4,700 homes have electricity.


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Several complex points in the region have been reported on social networks, where there are more fallen trees and flooded passes, highlighting Route 68 cut off due to flooding near Pudahuel, complicating transportation to the Valparaíso region.

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