Municipal Dialysis Center held a Community Renal Health Day

DESAM.- It focused on prevention policies, effects of the pathology and projections to reduce the impact of a disease that is increasing in Chile.-

Promoting prevention and illustrating the consequences of Chronic Kidney Disease was the central objective of the “IV Communal Kidney Health Conference”. The meeting of the Municipal Renal Health Program (PSRM) brought together those enrolled in the Primary Care Cardiovascular Program, the Puerto Montt Dialysis Patients Group, Ladies in Gray and officials from the Municipal Health Department (DESAM).

In the activity –on the occasion of Kidney Health Month– it was pointed out that there are more than 25 thousand patients in Chile who undergo hemodialysis and more than 1,500 who undergo peritoneal dialysis.

In this regard, the manager of the PSRM, Valeria Palma, stressed that the goal of the IV Conference was to address – through dialogue – the work of dialysis and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Likewise, she specified that it is urgent to educate since the pathology is increasing in the country.

“Our goal is to continue talking about dialysis and Chronic Kidney Disease. Let there be more and more conversations about this evil. We still need to continue communicating. We have more and more cases and the idea is to increase prevention,” Palma said.


Simultaneously, the nurse from the Puerto Montt Hospital (HPM), María Soledad Hidalgo, presented the presentation “What is the Peritoneum Dialysis treatment”. At the same time, the nephrologist and technical director of the Dialysis Section of the CSRM, Carolina Ramírez, presented “Kidney Disease: What it is and How it can be Prevented.”

Hidalgo explained that the preventive effort must emphasize cardiovascular diseases and the young population. Likewise, he emphasized that diabetes and hypertension – due to obesity, a sedentary lifestyle plus high fat – are the result of Metabolic Syndrome.

“Metabolic Syndrome is caused by obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, and high fat. We must focus on schools and families of kidney patients to carry out prevention. That is, so that within 50 years there will be a decrease in Chronic Kidney Disease,” he explained.

Along the same lines, the representative of the Ladies in Gray of Puerto Montt, Ana Aguilar, explained that CKD must be addressed at the family level. Jointly, she described that it is a pathology with a high economic cost.

“It affects the patient and their family. Prevention is the most important thing. It is an expensive disease. The IV Conference is very good to show the danger that this pathology implies,” Aguilar explained.

DESAM reported that in May the PSRM will continue to disseminate prevention through visits to the media, open-door activities at the Dialysis Center and providing guidance on CKD.

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