Tension in Deputies for the FONID: Kirchnerism takes advantage of the radical internal situation and seeks to advance with the restitution of the fund

While Javier Milei He shouted that behind the scandal with Spain lurks Kirchnerism “It’s coordinated, don’t have any doubts”he told Jony Viale for TN-, in silence Unión por la Patria was preparing a move that could cut the legs of the zero deficit, which La Libertad Avanza cares so much for.

It went unnoticed due to the verbal and “personal” tomatina between the President and his Spanish counterpart Pedro Sánchez, but the block of deputies from Unión por la Patria warned last night in X: “The UCR requested a special session on the topic of Universities. From UP we are going to give a quorumconsistent with the position we have been holding for months. We will demand that the debate be included recovery of the Teacher Incentive Fund”.

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The ruling party was left in a encloses and the entire Chamber of Deputies in a game of ladino mamushka dolls. The President of the Chamber Martín Menem called for today at 2pm to the session requested by the head of the UCR block Rodrigo De Loredo.

“Martín had no choice. He was obliged to convene,” they said this morning in the dialogue opposition that had become a virtual ruling party. “De Loredo doesn’t care. We had had a meeting on Friday night to clear the projects for university financing on Thursday the 23rd, there was agreed and then did the opposite to what he promised”, they were furious with the radical in the PRO and in LLA. Even Martín Menem participated in that negotiation.

Minister Pettovello together with deputies De Loredo and Brouwer de Koning for funds for the University of Río Tercero.

De Loredo had been pedaling in the air with his co-religionists when a photo was taken in the office of the Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovello for funds for the University of Río Tercero. It was parallel to the government’s agreement with the UBA that left the rest of the universities on the sidelines. Pettovello in a statement assured that the agreement was part of a negotiation with the radical senators.

Everyone looked at Martin Lousteau for his private meetings with the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos. On Friday the radical interior was stirring. Lousteu’s bloc colleague, Maximiliano Abad, came to the crossroads: “To guarantee university financing, it is necessary to recompose that of the remaining 60 National Universities, not only that of the University of Buenos Aires.” From Federico Storani to Facundo Manes, the entire bent arc of radicalism was on fire.

“Kirchnerism has been sparing our lives in the commissions. Now with this they are going to go deep with the FONID and it is a hole in 1 billion and 1.2 billion pesos in the national budget. Is he 0.26% of GDP”, they complained in the pan-official party. The UxP bloc scheduled the block meeting for 11 a.m. to advance the strategy. In the PRO they consider the arm wrestling lost. “Except for us and La Libertad Avanza, no one is going to vote against debating the return of the Fund,” they admitted.

The president of the Commission Alejandro Finochiaro had agreed with the blocks to give opinions on Thursday the 23rd. (Photo: Chamber of Deputies)

The Chief of Staff Nicolas Posse He gave his condolences to the National Teacher Incentive Fund last week in the Senate. He recalled that it was created in 1998 and had an extension for five years. “The deadline expired. The provinces must take charge of these issues,” he concluded.

The discussion in Deputies breaks out one month after the university march and on the eve of the strike that the teaching unions grouped in the CGT called a national strike for Thursday. Ctera and the University Union Front will also participate. The claims: the call for the national teaching parity, the restitution of the FONID. The Ctera confirmed the strike last night through a statement in which it ratified the requests to the national management, such as the “urgent call of the national teaching parity”, the restitution of the Fonid – whose cancellation implied a decrease in salary between 10 and 20 percent – and increased funding for schools and universities. And the sending of funds for school infrastructure and school cafeterias and an “urgent emergency increase for retired teachers.”

The fight in Deputies explodes when The Government had advanced with the rest of the universities for financing. “All this explodes now and it doesn’t make sense. They were about to close with the rectors something very similar to the UBA arrangement,” they lamented.

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