They demand that a big Premier League team sign Ben Brereton

The Chilean striker performed well in the Sheffield United shirt, which is why they are asking him to remain in England.

By Carlos Silva Rojas

05/21/2024 – 11:37am CLT

© IMAGO/Action PlusBen Brereton Díaz showed a great level in Sheffield.

The 2023-2024 season of Ben Brereton Diaz It had black and white. In the first half he suffered at Villarreal, while in the second he raised the level at Sheffield United.

Collectively, the Chilean team suffered with the English team, because it went to relegation in the Premier LeagueHowever, on a personal level he had a great performance.

Ben’s good work has sparked the interest of many on the island, and former England national team Darren Bent spoke on TalkSport and recommended several teams sign him, including the historic Leeds United, which is fighting to return to the top flight.

They ask Ben to continue in the Premier

The former Tottenham attacker praised Brereton’s level and believes he would be an asset to any team in England’s top division.

“I like Ben Brereton Díaz. If I am a newly promoted and rising team, I would definitely consider him because his performance is good,” Bent explained.

Then, name the clubs you would like the national team to join, including the teams that will play for promotion, which are Southampton and Leeds.

Ben Brereton thinks about his future. Photo: Imago

“He went to Villarreal, didn’t really play and then returned to Sheffield United. He clearly is, whether it’s Ipswich, Leeds or Southampton. “I think so, I would definitely say yes (that he has a good level for the Premier),” he added.

Ben Brereton Díaz had a good time in Sheffield, where he played a total of 1,111 minutes in 14 games and scored 6 goals.

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