“The Police cannot go on strike or be picketers”

Patricia Bullrich criticized this Tuesday night the police officers who continue to carry out a salary protest in Misiones and assured that the agents cannot go on strike, since they must prioritize the safety of the inhabitants. Furthermore, she said that the police “cannot be picketers” and that your claim is “inadmissible” and “outside the law”.

“First of all, we must separate the conflict that the province has with different social sectors, which is something that the province must fix, with the uprising of a part of the police, which It is inadmissible, it is outside the law. That is why we enabled a crisis committee and we are supporting with federal forces in the cities where the Police are lacking so that the population does not suffer the consequences of the strike,” the official expressed on TN.

And he continued: “The police cannot strike and have to have other channels to claim their salaries. What they do is unacceptable and that is why we send federal forces that are helping to take care of the people and wait for the instructions that the government of Misiones has. 80 or 90 percent of the police are not on strike. “The police cannot be picketers.”

Bullrich commented that he is in communication with the other provinces and that there is no contagion effect from the protests. “We are putting together a federal 911 so that in any circumstance that may happen, people can send their complaints,” the minister anticipated.

The protest by the missionary police has been going on for five days in front of the Radioelectric Command headquarters and they were joined by other public employees who also ask for an increase in their income.

The conflict in Misiones escalates: the police protest continues and teachers cut a bridge. Photo: Blas Martinez.

Meanwhile, Justice ordered the police officers who are part of the protest to return the 35 patrol cars that are parked in the camp. Ramón Amarilla, one of the leaders of the protest, said that the cell phones are at the disposal of superiors and they should only send drivers to pick them up.

In addition, the teachers joined the police picket this Tuesday night after blocking several routes in different parts of the Province.

The missionary government closed a salary agreement with Public Health personnel of 28 percent, while the police did not respond to a new call from officials to resolve the conflict. They argued that they did not attend because at the meeting they were only going to resolve the administrative sanctions and availability changes.

The government reported that one of the Scientific Police’s cell phones was stolen at gunpoint and they assume that it was hooded police, since the vehicle appeared a while later in the camp, meters from the Radioelectric Command.

At first the camp was carried out last week mainly by agents who are already retired, but as the days went by the number of active ones grew. More than 30 patrol cars and a fire truck are parked there, which the government claims were stolen by the protesters.

Patricia Bullrich and the conflict between Milei and Pedro Sánchez

Javier Milei and Pedro Sánchez.

The Minister of Security also referred to the conflict between President Javier Milei and the Spanish president Pedro Sánchez.

“It reminds me of the 19th century when there were differences in the world. Milei provides ideas of where countries and Argentina have to go and clashes with a president who made Spain a populist country. “The way of approaching politics has changed.”Bullrich said.


The minister assured that the Argentine President “has changed the way he approaches politics” and that the Spanish president “was offended by something that is public and is in Justice.”

In addition, he recalled that Sánchez “campaigned for Sergio Massa” in the last elections and considered that what Milei said about the Spanish president’s wife “It is in Justice.”

He also highlighted that when Milei went to Spain, “which he has the freedom to do,” Sánchez “was offended by something that is public and is in the Spanish Justice system.” And he charged against the spokesperson of the Spanish government, Patxi López, who experienced an uncomfortable moment at a press conference when he demanded “respect” from the Argentine Executive and a journalist took the opportunity to ask him why he did not apologize to Javier Milei for calling him ” fascist, drug addict.” “It was funny,” said Bullrich.

“Milei raises a series of ideas and where the countries and Argentina have to go, and he clashes with a president who turned a Spain that had a reasonable political coexistence into an absolutely populist country. “He totally changed the way we approach politics,” the Minister of Security concluded.

This Tuesday, Milei, during a presentation with businessmen, redoubled his bet against the president of Spain and said: “I have match point for Pedrito Sánchez.”

“I was fascinated by Zorro. He had two types of enemies. One was Monasterio and his people, who were the State, who took the resources to Spain… Uh, they just mentioned Spain to me!”Milei said jokingly.

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