Temperley remembered Demichelis and a former Boca man criticized Armani

Temperley remembered Demichelis and a former Boca man criticized Armani
Temperley remembered Demichelis and a former Boca man criticized Armani

The elimination of River at the hands of Temperley by Argentine Cup It once again generated discomfort in Núñez. Martin Demichelis, from being whistled to being applauded, he was exposed again after the tough defeat, and another player who was at the center of criticism was Franco Armani for his poor performance in penalties.

He Octopus has negative numbers when it comes to definitions from the twelve steps. The world champion goalkeeper was kicked a total of 65 penalties since he is in River and he could only save nine. And one of them is one of the most remembered because he helped Boca become champion: he was the one who covered up Jonathan Galvan in the definition of the tournament in 2022.

In the definition against Temperley, Armani was kicked six penalties, five were goals and the Emanuel Ibanez It went over the crossbar. While the rival goalkeeper, Juan Francisco Ragothey kicked the same number of shots but he saved two, Esequiel Boat already Hector Martinez.

Faithful to the style of the Argentine Cup, a promotion team takes a hit and eliminates a great First Division team. The players celebrated inside the locker room and also on Twitter: the account of the Gasoline He took the opportunity to mock River’s elimination with a phrase from Martín Demichelis.

Against River we had the obligation to pass“, said the message and showed a photo of the players with the check and their fans in the background. That phrase is a chicane dedicated to a statement by the River coach, who after the 3-0 win against Belgrano He gave his opinion on the duel in Mendoza.

“We have the obligation to do better than last year, where it hurt a lot after having won the championship to be eliminated. River has the obligation to pass so we will put on the field what we think is appropriate“, had said Micho.

Hours later, Temperley attacked Demichelis again. On this occasion they laughed at the phrase that the coach used in the harangue before the penalties when he said: “I want to see the body language now of convictioneh. Not of concern.” The promotion team account published some photos of the triumph with the phrase “Convincing body language in 4 photos“.

Alejandro Mancuso and a stick against Armani

In the midst of the criticism and reproaches against Demichelis and Armani, an unexpected voice was expressed through the media. Was Alejandro Mancusoformer Boca soccer player and technical assistant to Diego Maradona in the Argentine National Team during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. mancu expressed his opinion on the elimination of Millionaire on AM 910 radio La Red after midnight, in the middle of the passage between the cycles of Toti Pasman and Fernando Mancini..

The main victim of his statements was the goalkeeper Franco Armani, and more specifically the machete that the number 1 was carrying before the Temperley players shot. “Armani will have said ‘Save a penalty!’ on the piece of paper.“Mancuso mocked, generating laughter from those present at the debate table. The former midfielder who shone in the National Team and Flamengo redoubled the bet and referred to the memory aid that did not work.

Is it necessary in a local tournament to go see a piece of paper how the Temperley players kick? I understand if you play against the Arabs or the Chinese, who all have the same name,” Mancu commented, without concessions.

The reality is that River is now left without the possibility of fighting for another championship and once again puts Demicehlis at the center of criticism after qualifying for the round of 16 in the Libertadores Cup, from the great start to the local tournament, with two consecutive victories.

Armani could not turn his bad streak on penalties. Photo: AFP

Núñez’s men will play again this Saturday against Argentinos Juniors by date 3 of the Professional League of Argentine football as a visitor. River and Demichelis will meet again with their fans on Thursday the 30th for the last date of the Libertadores group stage, and the Monumental will give its verdict.

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