UDI and Republican deputies accompanied former corporal Zamora in the Pío Nono trial

This Wednesday, in the Fourth Oral Criminal Trial Court of Santiago, from the opposition were present at the beginning of the trial against former police officer Sebastián Zamora.

The above, let us remember, for the crime of frustrated homicide. The events date back to October 2020, when a 16-year-old boy fell from the Pío Nono Bridgeafter allegedly being pushed by the now ex-uniformed man.

In the instance of this day, Republican deputies Agustín Romero and Chiara Barchiesi were present, as well as Jorge Alessandri (UDI). They were joined by former carabinero Claudio Crespo.

It is worth mentioning that the latter is also being investigated. This for shoot Gustavo Gaticaalso in the context of the social outbreak, and to another young man during the past year 2018.

At the beginning of the trial against Zamora, prosecutor Ximena Chong maintained that the accused “tried to carry out a tackle on the teenagerthat is, a rugby maneuver.”

According to the pursuer, it will be explained by an instructor of that sport, since those involved “they were not playing rugby”.

At the same time, he indicated that “even in rugby, a tackle occurs when the ball carrier is grabbed by the opponent and knocked to the ground, because “It is a play whose objective is to dispute possession of the ball.”.

“The correct execution of a tackle “It does not depend only on who executes it, but also on the opponent.”he added.

Trial in the Pío Nono case: “He is an innocent person”

He Republican representative, Agustín Romerocommented that they went “to accompany a person who represents one of the most emblematic cases of persecution of the police in these trials.”

“Corporal Zamora is an innocent person who is being prosecuted today for a persistent intention to, so to speak, try to carry out this trial without the corresponding evidence,” he added.

At the same time, he assured that “today the State persecutes in one way or another the people who protect us. And that is the situation that this country has with an absolutely uncontrolled security crisis.”

Meanwhile, the deputy Jorge Alessandri (UDI) He maintained that “in the end Sebastián Zamora already ended his life, they deprived him of his dream of being a police officer. He was already left without a job, without a salary, without health insurance, living with his family a few blocks from the National Congress in Valparaíso.”

For her part, deputy Chiara Barchiesi wrote in

Furthermore, “because prosecutor Chong is a declared enemy of Carabineros. “I hope that the trial continues normally, transparently and in accordance with the law.”

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