What do I have to do to watch their series and movies?

What do I have to do to watch their series and movies?
What do I have to do to watch their series and movies?

Star+ is one of the most viewed streaming platforms today since it contains a wide updated catalog with series, movies, reality shows and all kinds of sports. Despite this, announced that it will close forever and that was going to merge with Disney+something that completely disconcerted subscribers since it is not known what will happen to their accounts.

This information came from the telecommunications company Movistar Chile, since through a statement about their service they reaffirmed the news, communicating that the Star+ streaming platform, by decision of the provider, It will be eliminated throughout the country as of June 30, 2024.

All this ended the rumors and the scoop spread on all social networks where the official announcement of Disney in Latin America, since the platform that closes only works in this part of the continent. Although the president of TWDCLA Diego Lerner I had already reported the disappearance some time ago, this took many people who were not aware by surprise.


Star+ and Disney+ are among the most popular streaming platforms today due to their extensive catalog of hits and their varied entertainment offering.


Star+ closes: what will happen to its content

The streaming platform will transfer its subscribers and they will continue to access content with Disney+ and for the moment everything will pass for this app. The only thing left to do is define whether they will be redirected or if they have to subscribe again, but this will depend on the plans.

The content currently found on Star+, including sports broadcasts or recitals, will be combined with the new Disney+ catalog with the aim of further enhancing the platform and obtaining the greatest number of subscribers. That is, the contents of Disney+ will be even greater since it will add to those from Star+.

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