How much will the MINIMUM RETIREMENT be in June 2024 with the $70,000 BONUS

Through a decree, ANSES will grant an extra of up to $70,000 to equalize the minimum assets of retirees and pensioners.

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) will provide extra help to retirees and pensioners with minimum income in the month of June. The maximum amount reached by this bonus will be $70,000, and will depend on the assets of each beneficiary.

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The Government issued Decree 440/2024 that provides new extra aid. The measure takes effect immediately and seeks to protect the purchasing power of the beneficiaries until the next update of assets in July 2024in accordance with the retirement mobility formula.


When do retirees and pensioners receive ANSES.


Along with these financial aid, retirees and pensioners will receive their Supplementary annual salary, also known as bonus. The holders paid by the ANSES will receive a payment equivalent to the 50% of the highest monthly remuneration paid in the semester.

How ANSES will pay the $70,000 bonus in June 2024

According to what is detailed in the decree, the $70,000 bonus In June it will be paid as follows:

  • It will be received by those who, for the sum of the assets of all their current benefits, receive an amount less than or equal to $206,931.10. For them, the financial aid will be $70,000.
  • Holders who receive a amount greater than $206,931.10the pension financial aid will be equal to the amount necessary until reaching the limit of $276,931.10.
  • Pension beneficiaries (PUAM and non-contributory) will be considered as a single holder to receive the $70,000 bonus.

ANSES Bonus: who will be able to collect it in June 2024

He extraordinary reinforcement of $70,000 is intended for:

  • Retirees and pensioners who do not exceed the minimum income ($206,931.10).
  • Those retirement and pension holders that do not exceed $276,931.10 will receive an extra amount equal to the sum necessary to reach that value.
  • Holders of the Non-Contributory Pension (PNC).
  • Holders of the Universal Pension for the Elderly (PUAM).
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