Radio Havana Cuba | Bayamo Wax Museum Exhibits Figure of the Caballero del Son (+Photo)

Representation of Master Adalberto Cecilio Álvarez Zayas, El Caballero del Son, at the Bayamo Wax Museum.

By Leipzig García*

The Wax Museum, located in Bayamo, capital of the Cuban province of Granma, exhibits among its most recent pieces a life-size representation of Master Adalberto Cecilio Álvarez Zayas, El Caballero del Son, known for his contributions to the culture of La Mayor. from the Antilles.

The work, made with polychrome wax, joins the Barrios family collection that is exhibited in that cultural institution, the only one of its kind in the country and which already includes 26 sculptures.

At the unveiling of the figure of Adalberto Álvarez, the verses dedicated by the Bayamese poet Juan Manuel Reyes Alcolea to the outstanding Cuban composer, arranger, singer and pianist were heard.

“Adalberto, don’t be surprised, if they are for peace in this, he brought old Nicolás to accompany us. I want Guillén to bathe us in rumba, in guaguancó and to say his bongó, I’m always fighting and here whoever is the finest answers if I call. He shells an ear in the furrows, without slipping, Benny is already happy, in case the son withers a segment, he rains down on it and laughs at the root. When I say Pancho Amad, the sound in Pancho’s tres, emits a smell of tobacco ranch, neighborliness, liquor, humanity, roasted coffee, pilón, but if I say lung that breathes openly, I tell the world Adalberto, the gentleman of the son.”

Prior to the unveiling, the words of Brayan and Dorgelis Álvarez, children of Adalberto, were heard, who thanked the tribute and promised to arrive in Bayamo soon, to honor their father in the museum.

For his part, the popular singer-songwriter Cándido Fabré highlighted the legacy of Caballero del Son, National Music Award winner in 2008.
“As a sonero, as a singer, as a composer, I am proud to have known this man and he was one of the greats who opted for Cándido. Adalberto, giving thanks we fall short for all that he did and thanks to him there are many soneros who drank from his wisdom and today contribute to ensuring that the tradition of Cuban music is not lost.

Rafael Barrios, who with his sons Leander and Rafael make each piece, said he felt satisfied with the work and continued contributing to the creation of new works that honor emblematic figures of our country and the world.

“It is a very big commitment to make each figure, because the human figure has a lot of demands, a lot of commitment and a lot of dedication. We always do our best to make it as good as possible and you can continue to count on us to continue making this type of sculptures.”

In the Bayamo wax museum, the figure of Adalberto Álvarez joins a growing number of sculptures exhibited in that renowned facility inaugurated in July 2024.

* Radio Havana Cuba correspondent in Granma

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