criticism of Javier Milei and his fight against 125

The rural leader had assumed leadership of the Agrarian Federation in 2018, managing to renew his position in the entity’s elections in 2019 and in 2022. He also presided over the Agrarian Federation Foundation and the Strengthen Foundationmembers of the federated complex.

At the international level, he was part of the leadership of the Confederation of Family Producer Organizations of Expanded Mercosur (Coprofam), made up of nine organizations from seven countries, representing around 22 million family farmers, peasants and indigenous people of the Expanded Mercosur.

Carlos Achetoni’s fight against “125” and criticism of Milei

The agricultural reference had taken on greater public importance during the conflict between the countryside and the then government of former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner by Resolution 125better known as “The 125.” The initiative had been promoted by Martin Lousteau when he was Minister of Economy of the first Kirchner period, in 2008, and proposed increasing the rate of State withholdings from producers.

The initiative signed by Lousteau established a withholding scheme by which producers who exported more than 750 tons of soybeans per month had to pay the State an increased rate from 44 to 48.7%. The conflict ended with the “no positive vote” of the then vice president Julio Cobos.

“As an entity, in those times we were on the roads, managing before legislators and politicians, to prevent this modification in the withholding rate from affecting small and medium-sized producers. We asked for segmentation, in defense of the productive interior and the producers who, with our work, contributed daily to rural development and roots“, wrote Achetoni himself in March of this year, when he published a note in the newspaper Profile, 16 years after the negative vote on the resolution.

However, the agricultural leader considered that, despite the almost 130 days of demands on the roads, plazas and in front of Congress, as well as the support of Argentine society, “conditions for small and medium producers did not improveOn the contrary, inequalities were not overcome and productive, tax and tax conditions continued to harm producers, especially smaller scale ones.”

In your note He was very critical of President Javier Milei by maintaining that “The current government, despite the promises made during its campaign, continues with high tax and tax pressure, maintains withholdings and, in fact, tried as soon as it took office to re-introduce withholdings for the products of regional economies.s. “We managed to reverse this measure, but at the moment, conditions did not improve.”

Looking to the future, he projected the changes he expected for the rural sector: “We know that the economic crisis in the country is strong and affects millions of Argentines; but As a sector that has always been first in line to contribute and contribute, we hope that withholdings will soon gradually decrease until they are eliminated. And that, as we have asked in every instance we could, a non-taxable minimum system be established that allows all producers to be reached and relieve those who have the least.”

Achetoni maintained his position since his beginnings in the activity and was critical of each government. In an interview conducted in 2018 by the site field bugs, The agricultural leader had expressed himself about his role and his concerns: “I was always motivated to be able to change the reality of the sector, because one saw the inequalities and abuses that have almost always existed in the chain. Give a hand so that producers who know how to do things do not become founded by producingthat they have an opportunity to continue developing in the rural areas of the interior of the country, something that is being suffered because we see more and more people crowded into the cordons of the big cities.”

How was the accident

carlos achetoni

The accident occurred this Friday morning when Achetoni was traveling in his car, a Fiat Palio, on national route 188.

For reasons that are being investigated, at kilometer 304 of that route, between the towns of Florentino Ameghino and Coronel Granada, the car collided with the back of a truck transporting peanuts.

As a result of the impact, Achetoni died instantly. Meanwhile, the truck, which came from La Carlota, overturned the trailer and its driver was unharmed.

The statement from the Argentine Agrarian Federation

Argentine Agrarian Federation.jpg

The rural entity issued a statement through its social networks to announce the news: “Argentine Agrarian Federation regrets to report the death this morning of its president, Carlos Achetoni, in a car accident. This unfortunate event mourns and saddens the driving and all the federated members”.

“From the entity – they said in the statement – we accompany and embrace Mary, her children and her entire family in these devastating moments,” they added in the message that ended by expressing: “We will always remember him fighting for small and medium producers and the regional economies, which has represented so much and so well.”


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