Mayabeque is a province that moves – Juventud Rebelde

Mayabeque is a province that moves – Juventud Rebelde
Mayabeque is a province that moves – Juventud Rebelde

SAN JOSÉ DE LAS LAJAS, Mayabeque. In the midst of the complexities of the current scenario, we have the high responsibility of working very hard to minimize the effects on the population, and the search for these solutions commits us more, stated the member of the Political Bureau and Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, in the conclusions of the third government visit to the province of Mayabeque.

For two days, the exchange of the members of the Council of Ministers with the local authorities and the people allowed them to check the implementation of the Government’s projections to correct distortions and re-boost the economy in 2024 and the status of the main economic and social programs of the territory , as well as learning about the main concerns and concerns of the population.

The Head of Government reiterated the need to make the most of the agricultural and scientific potential of the province, as a strength to contribute to the territorial and country development, and assured that “we have found a province that moves, despite the difficulties; “a revolutionary people, confident that we will move forward.” And that trust, he insisted, commits us more to the people.

However, Marrero Cruz called to address such sensitive issues as housing, water supply, food production, high prices and transportation, issues that generated the most concern during the exchange of the population with more than twenty ministers. , vice ministers and representatives of entities and organizations.

Furthermore, he stressed that the population still does not perceive enough what “we do in terms of confronting crime and illegalities” and, therefore, “we need more rigor.”

When detailing the report on the province’s results, Governor Manuel Aguiar Lamas pointed out that, at the end of the first quarter, the main economic indicators show a tendency towards recovery. After his presentation, several participants reported the results.

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In agricultural matters, the vice prime minister, Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, called to accelerate the sugarcane recovery and increase food production. He highlighted, among the priorities, the control of the land, the livestock mass and hiring. Meanwhile, the vice prime minister, Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdes Menéndez, reported on the check of the electrical energy sector and the housing program. So far this year, he said, the province sees a decline in housing construction and local production of materials.

For his part, the Deputy Prime Minister, Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella, when referring to the Education sector, explained that correct decisions have been made in the relocation of several centers, and insisted on the completion of teaching coverage. In terms of Public Health, he called for strengthening primary care, led, from the offices, by family doctors and nurses.

Also the deputy prime minister, Inés María Chapman Waugh, called for increasing recreational options in the different municipalities, while highlighting the potential that exists in the province to develop a scientific and technological park. In addition, she referred to the urgency of rescuing the training of arts instructors, above all, with the purpose of preserving the broad cultural traditions of the territory.

Towards the end of the meeting, Yuniasky Crespo Baquero, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party, highlighted the obligation of the Mayabeque authorities to carry out a rigorous analysis of the visit and to work together with the people to resolve the deficiencies indicated. “We will continue working for the economic and social development of the province and to satisfy the needs of the population, to contribute to their well-being.”

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