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“A milestone for the franchise,” is how the creative director describes it, Lee Matherthe changes that were introduced in the F1 24 career mode in an interview with, some that include a much busier market, with the possibility of starting as a Formula 2 driver, as well as being a legend returning to the Great Circus or recreate signings that were never made in real life.

Our colleagues from the Netherlands edition had access to the video game and were able to see all this first-hand, although they put themselves in the shoes of the second pilot of Ferrari, where they enjoyed less recognition due to game modifications. As you complete the team’s tasks and surpass your partner, you can shape the team to your liking, in addition to getting different R&D rewards, or even secret improvements that your partner does not have.

Nevertheless, That is not the only secret that this edition hides, since meetings can be held without your own team knowing to sign for a rival, or make an agreement that, if fulfilled, will be executed, such as, for example, winning three races in a row. If you start at the prelude to the top category of motorsport, it will affect your chances in Formula 1, since if you choose the academy of Mercedesyou are more likely to end up in Williams either Aston Martinas well as in Brackley, plus there are R&D challenges that are not the same.

Is the F1 24 ‘charming’?

So on paper there are a lot of changes, but When starting a new career, not everything seems very different from F1 23. Yes, you can see a presentation of the season’s grid, as happens in Bahrain with the images for Netflix, but you soon realize that all the drivers are the same height for this presentation video, something very curious to see because Yuki Tsunoda is as tall as Daniel Ricciardo.

At its core, the career mode isn’t much different from previous years, but the new additions are refreshing and therefore offer even more depth, although they don’t seem to change the gameplay much. Fortunately, In the trajectories themselves there are objectives that you can achieve thanks to your career engineer.

If you are in the lead and therefore in clear air, your engineer may ask you to do a fast lap to create a gap with the chasing group. It may also ask you to lift more into the braking zones to meet fuel targets, or to ride at a certain pace for a number of laps, although that can also mean a lot of slower turns that impact your gap from your competitors. pursuers.

If you decide to drive as one of the current members of the Formula 1 grid, you will be able to hear their screams after the finish line thanks to the incorporation of real radio messages. For example, Max Verstappen will tell you, “just great,” after winning the Monaco Grand Prix, although there may also be a message after a crash that means the end of the race.

It’s a good factor in making everything seem a little more authentic, although Pierre Gasly’s “check the suspension” after a accident in Pouhon, with its right front wheel completely out, is somewhat strange. In short, this is the biggest update since F1 2016, although it is questionable because the whole thing does not seem very innovative.

A stunning view in Eau Rouge with the F1 24

Another of the headlines of F1 24 is the updating of some circuits. Spa-Francorchamps and Silverstone were completely rebuilt, while the Jeddah and Losail routes were updated to be more faithful to reality, although in the case of the Belgian Grand Prix It is more striking, because for years it was outdated.

The large grandstand at the top of the Raidillon impresses, while the gravel loopholes along the track present a different challenge. The Ardennes circuit now looks a little more like reality, although the differences in altitude still do not seem to be perceived very well in some places, such as at the Bus Stop.

The Silverstone circuit was also greatly modified, except that no judgment can be made about it because the track was not loaded in the five attempts made to start a grand prix in this test. For its part, the Jeddah track was refreshed for greater liveliness, while Losail features new loopholes, buildings and trees that should be there in real life, while others remained intact, such as the Shanghai layout, so there is no to expect a lot of gravel at Imola.

F1 24 promises many innovations, especially in the single-player experience, which can be found in the career mode. The new additions respond to the desire of many fans to get their hands on something new on the trajectories, but since those modifications are not too big, and the updates of the circuits in an official Formula 1 game are, in some cases, a requirement Minimally more than something to sell big, it remains to be seen if the rest of the installment, including the driving tweaks, will offer enough to go from F1 23 to F1 24.

F1 24 will go on sale on May 31 and It will come to Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and PC through the EA App, Epic Games Store and Steam. The Champions Edition offers some advantages, such as access to the game three days early.

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