Pato Yáñez sings it clearly to Gustavo Álvarez in the U

University of Chile He complicated his lead in the 2024 National Championship yesterday with the draw against Ñublense, an equality that does not serve him much purpose and now he could even lose the lead of the tournament at the hands of Coquimbo Kingdom.

Gustavo Álvarez, coach of the blues, faced the post-match press conference and did not seem nervous about the points that the U has left along the way. What’s more, the blue coach highlighted and valued the high points that the team had despite the opaque tie at the National Stadium.

The one who was not indifferent to Álvarez’s words was Patricio Yáñez, a historic former Chilean soccer player and with steps in the U, who fell to the coach: “Somehow and according to his philosophy of life and game, He relativizes the result and there he is completely wrong“, warning.

Gustavo Álvarez was unloaded after the U’s draw against Ñublense. | Photo: Photosport

Along the same lines, Yáñez complements by saying that “This thing about ‘it is a consequence of the result’, no. There are times when you play badly and you have to win it, other times like yesterday’s game where you have 4 chances and you have to win it”, he added.

In closing, Patricio Nazario shows all his discontent with Álvarez and his statements that the U played well despite adding their fifth game without knowing how to win at home: “You can’t stay with the discourse that ‘we played well’. The result is a consequence, yes, but after…“, hill.

More words, less words, the concrete thing is that Universidad de Chile remains at the top of the standings with 29 points, two from Coquimbo and UC and three from Colo Colo, which also won the weekend.

The negative streak of Universidad de Chile

Universidad de Chile adds 5 games as a local without knowing about victories, where Cobresal, Deportes Iquique, Coquimbo Unidos, Universidad Católica and Ñublense stole points from him at the National Stadium and in Concepción.

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