Rosario Central lost 2-1 with Peñarol in Montevideo and was eliminated from the Copa Libertadores

Peñarol faces Rosario Central at the Campeón del Siglo Stadium (@RosarioCentral)
Peñarol faces Rosario Central at the Campeón del Siglo Stadium (@RosarioCentral)

Peñarol beats Rosario Central 2-1 and qualified for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores. It was a high-tension meeting due to the disturbances that arose in Arroyito in what was the debut of both in the contest. But in the Uruguayan Champion of the Century Stadium They prevail and reach the next stage. While the Argentine team will play in the 16th of the South American Cup against one of the seconds from the zones of said tournament.

The start was intense, as expected, with Penarol stuck in the rival field, but leaving some spaces that Central Rosary He took advantage to get closer. However the Titmouse had the first arrivals and the clearest before 10 minutes was a shot from Maximiliano Olivera which passed very close to the crossbar.

Although around 20 minutes in, the Canalla showed his credentials with the work of Jaminton Campaz which generated danger in the left sector. In one of his plays he demanded Washington Aguerre that anticipated Agustín Modica.

Those led by Miguel Ángel Russo They loosened up more in their game and became more encouraged. This allowed them to steal the limelight from the Uruguayan team and the “move, stop fucking around” that came down from the stands occupied by local fans was a symptom that the Uruguayan team stayed in their game.

Frictions were not left behind in a hot climate and Penarol had the first admonished with Javier Mendez and Gaston Ramirez.

However, the Uruguayans took the lead in the 32nd minute with a great goal from Leonardo Fernandezwho put together the play, unloaded and after receiving the return, hooked it inside the area and placed it left-footed.

* Leonardo Fernández’s great goal for Peñarol

Before the shutdown there was a controversy in a center that Aguerre went out to clear and collided with Facundo Mallo, who fell inside the area and was knocked out. The rest of the Central footballers complained to the referee about the penalty, but the play was not reviewed by the VAR.

At the start of the complement Central played its last cards and put it in Penarol In his field. Maxi Lovera, Ignacio Malcorra and his own Campaz They put the team on their shoulders to be able to achieve the tie.

The deserved equality came in the 66th minute on a lost ball by Penarol on the way out, he recovered it Campaz whose shot deflected Aguerrebut the rebound captured him Agustín Modica which signed 1-1.

* Modica’s goal for Central’s tie

Although the Argentine team felt the departures of Malcorra and Campaz so he lost in the depth of his game. The Uruguayan team waited, but in the first time they had they took the lead again and it was at 83 minutes, again with Leo Fernandez that he received alone and although his position warranted VAR analysis, the midfielder was behind the ball before receiving.

* The second scream of Leo Fernández

With this result Central stayed outside the Libertadores Cupbut its incentive will be continuity at the international level in the South American Cup will play for a place in the round of 16 against one of the runners-up in the group zones of the continent’s second tournament.


Stadium: Champion of the Century (Montevideo)

Referee: Piero Maza (Chile)

Will televise: Telefé and Fox Sports


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