This is what happened 72 hours before finding the body of Carlos Ruiz, a young man who died at Baum Festival, his father provides details

Carlos Ruiz was a very young business administrator, he chose the same profession as his father, Álvaro Ruiz, to earn a living.

In December he graduated from Javeriana University. She was 25 years old and lived with her mom and dad in an apartment in Bogotá. Days before his strange death, he listened intensely to the music that connected him with his roots. The early departure of Omar Geles was the topic of conversation around him.

Carlos grew up among vallenato and he liked it, according to Álvaro. His parents are from Valledupar, Cesar, and 27 years ago they decided to settle in the capital of Colombia and in this same city that on May 26 made them live the most painful moment of their lives.

Carlos Ruiz and family | Photo: Supplied to WEEK

Carlos David Ruiz He was found dead at the Corferias facilities, within the framework of the famous Baum Festival musical event that took place on May 24 and 25. Electronics was another of his musical tastes and there he made an appointment with his friends. “He was very sociable, he had friends from different universities, from Javeriana, from Los Andes, from National,” describes his father.

Carlos David Ruiz attended the Baum Festival in Corferias | Photo: Instagram: Baum Festival/Social Networks

When they ask the father what could have happened, the first thing he does is remember what his last hours with him were like. The last time they spoke was on Thursday night, May 23. “We talked constantly, he told me that he was leaving work, that it had been a heavy, hard day. But he arrived happy,” says Álvaro, contextualizing that his son had been working for 15 months in an international insurance company.

When I came home from work and I wasn’t very tired, I used to go to the gym, or play sports, play soccer, basketball or ride a bike. On Friday, coincidentally, I won’t speak.n, his father had traveled to Valledupar, “I imagined that he had arrived tired, because sometimes he arrived at 6 and stayed asleep until around 9 and as soon as he woke up, he would call me.”

That was the same night of the event, at the end of it, friends say that Carlos disappeared into the crowd, but in Valledupar his father alone spent the night pensive and surprised by the lack of communication, far from even suspecting what was happening.

Carlos David Ruiz was found in one of the Corferias water tanks.
Carlos David Ruiz was found in one of the Corferias water tanks. | Photo: Photo: Social networks – ESTEBAN VEGA LA ROTTA/ X Baum Festival / Assembly Week

Immediately, he bought a plane ticket back to Bogotá. At the same time, he was already notifying the authorities of the possible disappearance. He boarded on the last flight. “I opened the door to my apartment with the illusion that he was lying in his bed, but no, everything was well organized in his room and alone,” he says.

He left his suitcase after one in the morning and started touring the hospitals and clinics near the area, where he was last seen. On Saturday afternoon I went toAt the Clínica de Oeste, at the Universitaria that is on 68″, he stated that every time they told him that he was not there he felt calm..

Carlos David Ruiz Molina, found dead in Corferias, Bogotá.
Carlos David Ruiz Molina, found dead in Corferias, Bogotá. | Photo: Social networks

Álvaro assures that that Saturday night he could not sleep thinking about what could have happened, he could not imagine that someone would want to harm him, “Carlos was a happy boy who did what anyone his age does. He was a reliable, affectionate boy. . From his home, he lived with me and his mother. He studied at the San Mateo Apóstol School and at the Javeriana, we went to mass every Sunday.”

Except on May 27, that Sunday, Álvaro got up, answered messages from his wife and eldest son, saying that he still had no answer to their questions. He contacted the Ombudsman’s Office, the Attorney General’s Office, and everyone he believed could help him. They activated the urgent search mechanism for missing people. At nine in the morning the police contacted him to tell him that there were no leads.

A uniformed man managed to mention that Corferias has a retired colonel as head of security and that they have a robust system, so they would find out from that side to see what they could achieve.

After two in the afternoon Gaula staff summoned the young man’s father to his home to give him some recommendations. Among them, he did not believe all the people who called to give information about his son because many criminals camouflage themselves as good Samaritans. and the only thing they look for are victims who end up taking advantage of their anguish; She was in that conversation when she received a call from the Gaula member.

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Baum Festival arrives in Corferias on May 24 and 25 | Photo: Instagram @baumfestival

A strange look made Álvaro think that something was happening. “They tell me that they found a body at the Corferias facilities and we need to do reconnaissance”, Álvaro remembers with a lump in his throat. The uniformed man asked for characteristics, but they did not wait for them to be given them, they decided to each start in a different car while they were given them.

When the young man’s father arrived at the place, he saw that everything was cordoned off, there was presence of the Judicial Police, Prosecutor’s Office, Firefighters, he was accompanied by his sister, but he could not enter. “I had to go alone to live the most difficult moment of my life,” he describes that around 5 in the afternoon he confirmed that his son was lifeless in the water tank next to a large structure used in the concert. What happened? He doesn’t know, he trusts the researchers to give him those answers. He only knows that the void that his son left overnight is so great that he does not believe that he will ever be able to recover.

“I cannot draw conclusions until everyone does their technical and operational work, I hope that the information from authorities is timely, I am confident that the Prosecutor’s Office will do the investigation well and explain everything to us soon”, he emphasized.

The funeral services will take place in Valledupar, the body will arrive in the city on Tuesday evening.

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