Say goodbye to fat, these are the 5 cardio exercises you can do from home

The lost of fat body is one of the great challenges for people who are beginning to navigate the world of healthy living. That is why many wonder what exercises are indicated to achieve this goal in the least amount of time possible.

It was formerly believed that exercise cardio It was the most advisable but now it is known that strength exercises are just as important. That is why a combination of both is the ideal training plan to lose fat and tone the body.

Practice these exercises from home. Source: istock.

These are the 5 best cardio exercises to lose weight

The imaginary rope

To do this exercise You should pretend that you are holding the ends of a rope with your hands while you begin to rotate your wrists. You must take small jumps simultaneously. The distance is between three and five centimeters from the ground.

Jumping jacks

To lose fat Nothing better than this routine that is done with your feet hip-width apart and your arms on each side. Then bend your knees and push off with your feet to jump. When doing this, remember to spread your legs to the sides until they are slightly wider than shoulder width and then jump back towards the center.

Sumo squat and chin-up row

This exercise It is done with the feet wide open, heels in and toes out. You should hold a dumbbell in each hand at hip height, with your palms facing your body. Then lower yourself into a squat position and repeat the operation.

These are very simple exercises. Source: istock.

Squat jumps

Very effective when making cardio. To the usual squat you add a jump and then fall back into a squat and repeat the sequence. Tired and effective.

Bungee Jumping Tap

Misses fat and tone with this activity that is done in a plank position with outstretched arms, activating the core and keeping the spine neutral. Next, touch your left shoulder with your right hand and place your hand back on the floor before switching to touch your right shoulder with your left hand.

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