The trill about the death of Carlos David Ruiz that came out in the middle of the war for power and control of Corferias

The trill about the death of Carlos David Ruiz that came out in the middle of the war for power and control of Corferias
The trill about the death of Carlos David Ruiz that came out in the middle of the war for power and control of Corferias

In the last hours, several chats attributed to the logistics of the festival were known Baum de Bogotá in which employees were supposedly asked to remain silent regarding the death of Carlos David Ruiz while the investigations were carried out.

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​”We ​​must be the most cautious in the face of the situation and avoid any type of comment or disclosure of information. Likewise, if you ask us, we must be promoters of not generating speculation and making it clear that the information will be officially issued by the competent authorities.“says the text.

Carlos David Ruiz.

Photo:Private file

Mery Janneth’s trill

For its part, the Corferias Exhibition Center, the venue for the electronic music festival, issued a statement stating: “Since we learned of this sad news, at Corferias we immediately activated the protocols established to handle this type of situation and we have been in constant contact with the competent authorities, offering all our collaboration and support to clarify the facts. We want to express our sincere solidarity to the family and friends at this difficult time. We accompany your loved ones and share your pain”.

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However, the case began to be used in the midst of the war being fought for the power of Corferias. -which manages an annual budget of more than 230 billion-, whose main shareholder is the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce (CCB).

EL TIEMPO has been revealing the pulse for the presidency of Corferias, which for at least 5 years has been headed by Andrés López, who has received the support of several CCB board members.

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However, members of the Petro Government continue to promote the candidacy of lawyer Mery Janneth Gutiérrez, who could not occupy the ICT portfolio.

The post of the government candidate Mery Janeth Gutiérrez.


The decision of the Supersociedades

Some of the members of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce at the awards ceremony for the 3rd edition of Bogotá Marcando Estilo in Spain.


In fact, the intervention of the Supersociedades that ended up freezing the result of a session on May 24 in which they moved to two lines that were supposed to support Gutiérrez.

Indeed, TIME had access to an internal document in which it is noted that the effects of the decisions taken that day are suspended until a substantive decision is made.

​In that fight for power now The lack of votes for the official candidate is attributed to President Petro’s decision to remove – just two months after his appointment – Roberto Robles, one of his representatives and then president of the board of directors of the CCB.

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The case continues to be debated and this has just been added to by a post by candidate Gutiérrez that did not go down well with some members of the board.

​”Andrés López President of Corferias, the lack of humanity and ethics in decisions like this cannot be tolerated. We demand justice for Carlos David and a change in the irresponsible attitude of those who should protect, not ignore, lives.

follow the pulse

This is the internal document of Corferias.

Photo:Private file

EL TIEMPO tried to find out the reaction official from the CCB about the trill but they pointed out that the authorized sources are in Spain within the framework of the awards of the third edition of Bogotá marking Estilo.

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Unofficially they stated that Corferias applied strict security protocols and this will be demonstrated to the authorities.

In addition, they are waiting for it to be resolved whether or not a board session on March 21 that he attended is canceled. Roberto Robles when President Petro had already removed him from the CCB.

The investigation into the crime of Carlos David Ruiz continues, as does the fight for the power of Corferias. ​

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