The shocking story of the deputy who filmed the police officer who killed a man at a grill

The shocking story of the deputy who filmed the police officer who killed a man at a grill
The shocking story of the deputy who filmed the police officer who killed a man at a grill

Deputy José Asad Peluc, like the rest of the diners, did not understand what was happening. But she filmed the moment when a police officer killed a man that, out of his mind, he had attacked with a knife. It happened in a grill a few meters from the National Congress.

“I had left a block meeting. “I met with an advisor and we went to dinner,” Asad Peluc began his story to TN. And he continued: “This man suddenly came in with his mother and the police officer was trying to calm him down.”

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“First this man hit the police officer with a chair. There he made him lose the radio with which he was requesting reinforcements. Then he grabbed the knife from one of the tables and started chasing him.”detailed the San Juan legislator from La Libertad Avanza about the sequence that was entirely recorded.

According to Asad Peluc, the police “He told him a thousand times to drop the knife.” and he was trying to turn around to escape from the aggressor “until at one point he shot him.”

“When I heard the shot, I approached the woman and she was shocked by what happened to her son,” she mentioned. The deputy said that after the incident he spoke with the man’s mother and revealed that she told him that “she didn’t want him to go sleep at her house because he was very aggressive.”

Video: the moment the police officer killed a man who tried to attack him with a knife

The episode occurred this Tuesday after 11 p.m., when a member of the Buenos Aires City Police showed up among the Callao and Rivadavia avenues from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Balvanera. The complainant warned that a strong fight was taking place between a man who was aggressive towards his mother.

Once he arrived at the scene, the officer asked the woman to enter a restaurant located a few meters away to try to put her under protection. However, her son came in behind her quickly and the agent followed them to try to control the situation. A few seconds later, the attacker He threatened him with a knife.

In the video recorded by another diner, you can see the exact moment in which The officer pointed it at him to try to get him to lower the knife.. Previously, according to the City Police, the agent used the tonfa without success while calling for reinforcements to arrive at the scene.

Far from feeling intimidated, the man ran forward and he lunged at the police officer, who moved back and escaped with the gun in his hand. A few meters later, the protagonist of the incident stopped and insulted him again.

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The man was transferred by an ambulance from the Emergency Medical Care Service (SAME) to the Rivadavia Hospital in the City of Buenos Aires, where a few hours later He died as a result of the gunshot.

The Criminal and Correctional Court No. 53, in charge of Erica Maria Uhrlandt, ordered the intervention of Homicides of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA), while the arrest of the police officer was also ordered so that a testimonial statement could be taken.

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