With the presence of the K, the opposition gathered a quorum and the new retirement formula was defined in Deputies

With the presence of the K, the opposition gathered a quorum and the new retirement formula was defined in Deputies
With the presence of the K, the opposition gathered a quorum and the new retirement formula was defined in Deputies

With the support of the Union for the Homeland (UxP) bloc, The dialogue opposition advances in a special session of Deputies with a new pension update schemewhich could put in check the objective of Javier Milei’s government of maintaining zero deficit.

The debate began with the presence of 140 deputies including representatives of the UCR, We Make the Federal Coalition, the Civic Coalition, the left, Federal Innovation, Union for the Homeland and provincial blocks. Only the legislators from La Libertad Avanza (LLA) and the PRO, led by Cristian Ritondo, remained in the quorum.

Until shortly before the beginning of the debate, the meeting was in doubt since the dialogue participants were not guaranteed the presence of Kirchnerism, who had requested a session for this same Tuesday but with a difference of 3 hours to discuss, along with retirement mobility, the projects of financing for universities and the restitution of the Teaching Incentive Fund (FONID), which was eliminated by the Milei government.

The decision of Peronism to include projects linked to educational issues in the agenda was rejected not only by the UCR but also by Miguel Angel Pichetto’s blocwho agreed that they should be analyzed in another session.

The ruling bloc in the debate on the new retirement mobility formula. Photo: Federico López Claro

K’s attempt to include university and teacher financing

But despite the lack of agreement in the opposition, Kirchnerism accompanied the quorum and, at the start of the session requested by radicalism to discuss the new retirement formula, it an effort to include university financing and FONID on the agenda.

For both initiatives to be included in the debate, three-quarters of those present were needed, since it was not part of the session’s agenda, something that was known to be difficult to achieve because libertarians and Macriism opposed the treatment. For this reason, in the nominal vote it did not reach the special majority because the Kirchner movement only obtained about 120 affirmative votes.

Germán Martínez, president of the UxP bloc, also took advantage of the stage to summon the Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovello, for the scandal of withholding food and fraudulent contracts, which forced the intervention of justice. However, Peronism did not have the votes to summon the official to give explanations in committee.

The differences that separate the K and the dialogueists due to the retirement update

Beyond the current situation, it is speculated that there will be a long debate in Deputies to define the new retirement formula despite the fact that there are coincidences on the main points of the projects of the dialogueists and Kirchnerism. They propose a monthly update based on the INDEC Consumer Price Index, with an extra addition of 8.1% to 12.5% ​​of the decree, which gives a total of 20.6%, coinciding with January inflation .

Both projects include the payment of an additional 50% of the variation between the RIPTE salary index and the CPI. But the difference is centered on the fact that radicalism proposes that it be annual and Kirchnerism is paid semiannual in March and September.

However, what most divides the opposition is the future of the Sustainability Guarantee Fund, which was always in dispute before the arrival of each government. Radicalism and its partners from Hacemos e Innovación want it to be used to pay pension claims and debts with the provincial retirement funds that have not been transferred. But, Kirchnerism prefers to maintain the intangibility of that fund, as this newspaper reported.

Both Radicalism and Hacemos tried some maneuver to add the PRO to the initiative, especially because in the commission’s treatment María Eugenia Vidal made a similar update proposal, the only difference was the payment in installments for the connection. However, the PRO rejected the possibility of accompanying and will vote against in the venue.

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