Ex-partner of Mago Jiménez’s son charges against Coté López

Javiera Vidal, better known as “La Sazón” supported the accusations of Diego, the son of Mago Jiménez against Coté López.

The ex-partner of Diego, the eldest son of Luis ‘Mago’ Jiménez, defended the father of her son in the middle of the family conflict involving Coté López.

Javiera Vidal, better known as “La Sazón” He supported the statements of his ex-partner, who accused the businesswoman of not letting him go to one of his brothers’ birthday with his son.

Mago Jiménez’s ex-daughter-in-law against Coté López – Instagram

I got bored of seeing how they make my son’s father look… simply because fanaticism blinds themthe influencer began.

Likewise, he referred in harsh terms to Coté López, although he did not name her directly: “Unfortunately we are talking about a person who is about 40 years old, but has a mind of 17 and I really believe that it must be a problem to make mistakes and never own them and simply blame the rest, it is that “That’s how everything works for the ‘queen.'”

“When I was her friend, she had my loyalty, my respect, my admiration, I was always there for her, but everything went to hell… when I, as a friend, told her how I felt after ending my relationship and What she did? Tell everything to my ex-partner”“La Sazón” added. “The icing on the cake was her when she got angry with me and with Diego and “He gave away my son’s things without asking anyone.”

Ex-daughter-in-law of Luis Jiménez against Coté López – Instagram
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Mago Jiménez’s ex-daughter-in-law charges against Coté López

Regarding the reasons for Coté López’s alleged anger, Javiera Vidal assured that it is due to some alleged audios where The businesswoman would have said that she would leak information about her separation with Mago Jiménez.

According to his words, Diego would have been in charge of showing these audios to his father. “After that our queen went crazy, she trashed us and from that moment she wanted us as far away from her loved one as possible,” Javiera wrote.

“She always blamed Diego for every bad decision her husband made, of the reels, of women, of everything… “Obviously the fault lies with a 23-year-old man and not with the 40-year-old gentleman who is the father,” he added.

After ensuring that his son has not been able to see his father’s brothers, “La Sazón” stated that “L (Luis) is just a puppet of this woman, It hurts the soul to see how he did not and does not defend his son.”

In addition, he responded to Mago Jiménez’s statements: “Now let him say that the podcast was made, that he works in HIS companies hahaha, those were the crumbs.” And he added: “Diego knows that after she asked him to stay away from him forever, the relationship changed completely.”

“Obviously there is an upset and damaged son even more so if you know that the networks are controlled at will and they never look bad to anyone!” wrote Javiera. “Both parties know how things happened,” she concluded.

Javiera Vidal against Coté López – Instagram
Javiera Vidal against Coté López – Instagram
Javiera Vidal against Coté López – Instagram

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