Boric responds in Germany to the possibility that Kast could come to power: “I am not afraid of democracy”

At the start of his tour of Europe, this Monday President Gabriel Boric He visited Germany, from where he addressed the possibility of José Antonio Kast coming to power in the country.

The President’s statements in this regard came after he was consulted about the advance of the extreme right in the European Parliament and the possibility that such a situation could be replicated in Chile with the arrival of the founder of the Republican Party to the presidency.

This, in a round of questions after giving a joint statement with the German Federal Chancellor, Olaf Scholzwith whom he previously held a bilateral meeting, which aimed to strengthen the relationship between both countries, addressing key issues of the Green Hydrogen Action Plan, the National Lithium Strategy, generating more investment opportunities and initiatives to accelerate the growth of the economy of Chile, among others.

“First of all, I am not afraid of democracy. “I trust in democracy and particularly in the wisdom of the people and the people of Chile.”retorted the Head of State.

Along the same lines, he noted that “regarding the advances of the extreme right, I think it is necessary to get out of the headlines and look at the election in global terms. There was an advance of the extreme right in some specific countries (in Europe), but also an advance of progressive forces in others.”

“Therefore, as far as I understand, the elections in Europe also have a component where integration continues to maintain a majority that is important and with which “We have a shared vision, a shared vision of the world, where the clearest example is the signature of the modernization of the European Union, which has different dimensions, not only economic, but also political, cultural and scientific”he stressed.

And then he added: “About the extrapolation that can be made to Chile, by the way, we are concerned about the advance of forces that question or do not value, like us, democracy, that relativize the importance of human rights or that believe that there are first-class citizens or second category.”

Chile’s President Gabriel Boric attends a press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (not pictured), in Berlin, Germany, June 10, 2024. REUTERS/Nadja Wohlleben

Boric stated that for him, “the important thing is that progressive forces are capable of offering an alternative that improves the material quality of life of the majority of our populationwhile we advance in social cohesion, in justice, in equality, in respect for what is different, in dialogue to be able to overcome our differences and not in aggression.”

“I believe that in Chile these principles are shared by the vast majority of the population, therefore, “I trust in the wisdom of our people, and as I said, I have no fear of democracy.”hill.

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