Pichardo questions Jordan’s gold: “It’s not normal, he already knew it”

“Yesterday was beautiful, yes, but I would like European Athletics (the European Federation), World Athletics (the International Federation) and the judges in charge to give a quick response and clarification about what happened in the pit at the moment when the athlete from Spain makes that great mark. In a competition of that level it is not normal to make a great mark with the electronic measurement table turned off,” writes Pedro Pablo Pichardo, silver in the triple of the Europeans in Rome (18.04) over Jordan Díaz’s 18.18, questioning whether the measurement was correct, referring to the fact that the pit measurement screen did not work in that attempt.

“I have always been a very fair and equitable athlete when it comes to competition, I have never had the need to go to social networks to justify a victory or a loss, I have never needed to use prohibited substances to win, I have never changed my toes to jump further, I never deceived anyone, nor did I use influence to win a competition,” he writes on ‘Instagram’.

And he continues with his conspiracy theory: “To make a big mark with the electronic board turned off, the athlete leaves the sandbox celebrating without even realizing where he had landed, since the table was already off, but it seems that I already knew that I had surpassed myself even before the measurement and without having the electronic table on…”.

“We athletes know that without any reference it is difficult to know if it was a good jump or not, but he already knew it! Why did he connect at his 17.96 and not the big jump? A minute after his big jump, the board started working again and coincidentally I was the next one to jump,” Pichardo concludes.

Jordan responds to Pichardo

The reaction of the new European champion did not take long to arrive, who published a story on his Instagram account with three GIFS (animated images) of crying drawings, alluding to the Portuguese’s complaints. A somewhat cryptic message, although clearly directed towards Pichardo’s words, meaning that he is crying after having lost a historic final.


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