“There has not been (…) an absent president”: Tohá responds to criticism of President Boric’s tour

Strong criticism has been received by President Gabriel Boric due to his tour of Europe, in the middle of a front system that has hit the southern and central areas of the country. In the midst of a balance, the Minister of the Interior, Carolina Toháwas consulted under pressure from the opposition.

“We have seen different voices in the opposition, firstly, it has not been a unanimous voice. And secondly, I think that no one could doubt, (…) that The President has been on top leading all the Government’s responses regarding this emergency“Tohá commented in the first instance.

“And also, evaluating at all times whether it was pertinent to make any changes to the travel schedule,” he added.

Likewise, he stressed that “There has never been an absent President, there was a president fully present from where he is located.

Criticism of President Boric for tour in Europe

Let us remember that the controversial opinions come mainly from the founder of the Republican Party, José Antonio Kastwho commented that “I would not be on a study tour with 7 ministers and 10 parliamentariansbut in La Moneda, working to confront the security, economic and social crisis.”

After these words, the government spokesperson minister, Camila Vallejo, responded to the criticism saying “We are not interested in responding to these actions at this time. of former candidate Kast on his tour”.

“We are working as a Government both in Chile to confront the incidence frontally and abroad to continue attracting foreign capital investments,” added Vallejo.

For his part, the President referred to the climate emergency this Thursday, from Sweden. An instance where he pointed out through X (ex Twitter), that “We continue to coordinate and monitor the evolution of the emergency minute by minute (…) Our team and the State as a whole continue to be deployed and carry out all the necessary actions to support the affected families.“.

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