Vice Prime Minister attends tribute to Che and Maceo

Vice Prime Minister attends tribute to Che and Maceo
Vice Prime Minister attends tribute to Che and Maceo

At the same time, Beatriz Johnson Urrutia, First Secretary of the PCC in the province, was present; Manuel Falcón Hernández, Governor and Lisbeth Rodríguez Hernández, first secretary of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) in the territory.

On the occasion, together with parents, the attribute of the pioneers’ scarf was changed, from blue to red, and the “Terrestrial Explorer” logo was placed on the 3rd grade students, who enter the José Martí stage first level.

Enrique Alejandro Pérez Candebat said that for him it is an encouragement to continue studying more and said he feels identified with Che’s values, among others, of internationalism – since without being Cuban he fought for the country’s freedom -, solidarity and humanism.

The pioneer Olga Naomi Pérez Fernández said that: “we went from Moncadista pioneers to belonging to the OPJM, to a new stage of our life of utmost importance.”

As an enduring example, oaths were heard: “I, as a pioneer José Martí, commit to being faithful to our organization, fulfilling my duties, studying, working and fighting, inspired by the example of the heroes of the Homeland, to be a worthy replacement.” of the glorious UJC. “Pioneers for Communism, we will be like Che!” As well as phrases that: “The pioneer explorer, he loves nature, the Socialist Homeland and prepares for life in the campaign.”

On the other hand, a representation of young people received the meat as members of the vanguard organization of Cuban youth (UJC). Guide teachers were also recognized with the June 14 condition for their work with boys and girls, as well as comprehensive results.

Adriana Álvarez Legrá, Provincial President of the José Martí Pioneers Organization (OPJM), in the central words, expressed that Maceo and Che maintained an exemplary life and are paradigms inside and outside the archipelago:

“The qualities of the first were reincarnated in the second, in the fight against colonialism and neocolonialism. They become an inspiration of universal patriotism, samples of courage and perseverance, in the purpose of achieving freedom in Cuba and defending the dignity of the human being anywhere, without surrendering to the enemy and difficulties.

“They constitute a legacy for the people; They indicate the path for present and future generations, the new pines, who will never let their revolutionary ideals die.”

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