captain of Puente Alto reveals friendship with a blue

U. of Chile

On the U team there is a player who knows Rodrigo Flores closely.

By Martin Aliaga

06/14/2024 – 12:10 pm CLT

Captain of Municipal Puente Alto will meet again with a great friend before the University of Chile.

The duel between University of Chile and Municipal Puente Alto will have an emotional reunion. In the run-up to the match, an amateur infielder confessed to having a friend on the Blues squad. They will face each other no matter what on the field of the National Stadium.

Who will give each other a big hug before the game? Jose Castro and Rodrigo Flores. The latter, captain of Municipal Puente Alto, revealed that he has known the left back of the U since childhood. Both will be from the start in the Chile Cup duel.

“I have a friend there, José Castro. We played together since we were little. It’s not that we always talk, but every time we meet we talk a lot. I hope to face him,” he began, indicating about the reunion.

How will you face the duel in front of a National Stadium full of people? “For us it is complicated, because we have never played with so many people. It is a nice opportunity because it is a showcase. Going out to play what you know and I hope that there is a call would be ideal,” he added.

José Castro will meet a friend again in the next Universidad de Chile game.

Play with Charles Aránguiz

After that, the Third A team captain referred to the participation of Charles Aránguiz in some training sessions. He did not hide his excitement about playing with the legendary midfielder, who is expected to reinforce Universidad de Chile. Sharing with him he perceived the great difference in level.

“It’s not that we talk often, but he is always present, he watches our games, he goes when he can. She spent a week training with us. I had to play with him, I came out all sweaty and he was swimming. He had played better than me and managed the timing. Running and seeing it next door is an emotion,” he concluded.

When does Universidad de Chile play?

The U’s next match will be against Municipal Puente Alto for the Chile Cup. It will be played on Monday, June 17, from 7:00 p.m., at the National Stadium.

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