Luxury perfume brands obtain raw materials from child labor

The perfume industry attracts attention in various parts of the world, especially among wealthy people who today pursue the most elitist products without taking into account a dark world associated with such products.

On this matter, the British network BBC Mundo recently shed light, which made many people’s hair stand on end.

They reported that minors were used to collect the ingredients used by the suppliers of two large beauty product companies.

This reveals an investigation carried out by said British publication into perfume supply chains, during which it was discovered that the jasmine used by Lancôme and Aerin Beauty suppliers was collected by children.

Following these findings, L’Oréal, owner of Lancôme, declared that it was committed to human rights.

Estée Lauder, owner of Aerin Beauty, said it had contacted its suppliers to clarify the situation.

The jasmine used by Lancôme in the Idôle L’Intense perfume and by Aerin Beauty in the Ikat Jasmine and Limone Di Sicilia fragrances comes from Egypt, a country that produces approximately half of the world’s supply of these flowers, a key ingredient in perfumes. .

Industry insiders therefore reported that a handful of companies that own many luxury brands are cutting their budgets, making wages in their supply chains very low.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on slavery, Tomoya Obokata, raised concerns about evidence obtained by the BBC, including undercover filming in Egyptian jasmine fields during the harvesting season.

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