This is how Carlos Pizarro’s hat survived oblivion and now sparks controversy in Colombia

This is how Carlos Pizarro’s hat survived oblivion and now sparks controversy in Colombia
This is how Carlos Pizarro’s hat survived oblivion and now sparks controversy in Colombia
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One of the hats that accompanied the insurgent leader Carlos Pizarro Leongómez during the M-19 peace process, It is now a cause of national controversy, due to the Government’s resolution that recognized it as Cultural Heritage of the Nation.

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The garment became popular after the peace signing that led to the demobilization of the guerrilla group, between 1989 and 1990. Pizarro, who during his days as a combatant wore a military beret, He participated in the elections for the Mayor of Bogotá and the Presidency of the Republic with a beige hat and black ribbon.

The photos that were taken of him with said hat, woven from natural fibers, They became the image of campaign posters and flyers, remaining in the memory of his political followers.

According to Laura García, who was Pizarro’s romantic partner, that hat “was the last one with which Carlos Pizarro signed peace and the one he took to the different meetings and political events.”

President Gustavo Petro, who was Pizarro’s subordinate in the M-19, commented that at one of those public events, the former commander asked one of the bodyguards to take care of his hat; the bodyguard, who had also belonged to that criminal organization, He decided to keep it as a reminder.

Pizarro was murdered by a hitman on April 26, 1990 and the accessory remained in the possession of ex-combatants, who They later emigrated to Sweden.

During his visit to that nation last week, Petro met several of them, who gave him the garment in the city of Stockholm.

“The ex-combatants kept this hat that, like Bolívar’s sword, keep some facts, some of war and others of peacedays and nights of war burden,” declared the head of state, during the speech in which he exalted the hat as a cultural heritage.

The House of Nariño’s tribute to this symbol once again divided the country, as did Pizarro’s candidacy in the early 90s.

The opposition senator, María Fernanda Cabal, said: “Will they also make the filthy ‘Tiro Fijo’ rag a national monument? When will they convert any plane belonging to M-19 drug trafficker Pablo Escobar into cultural heritage? “We must work on a law that prohibits the honoring and apology of criminals or terrorists.”

The serious damage to society caused by this guerrilla, and the extermination of its former combatants at the hands of state and paramilitary agents, They are wounds that have not yet healed in Colombia.

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