What happens in our brain after we die, according to science

One of the greatest enigmas for humanity is the deathwhich since time immemorial and even today continues to be a topic addressed from different perspectives, such as religious, cultural and scientific.

What is true is that when faced with the fear of the unknown, the death It generates fear in many people, since science has not been able to establish what happens after ceasing to exist. There are those who think that this natural process of life is nothing more than the end of it, but others consider it something more representative.

There are many testimonies that can be found on the Internet and other media, which talk about people who have experienced death and coming back to life, a period in which they claim to have been able to remember what happened in their past lives, which is why who see reincarnation as a reality.

Death is one of the most intriguing mysteries for humanity. Image: iStock

This is what happens in our brain after we die

In the absence of a concrete answer, it is a fact that death will continue to be one of the greatest mysteries. However, what can be assured is that the science has managed to reveal what happens in the brain after leaving the earthly plane.

As a result of recent research carried out by specialists from acclaimed universities, it was concluded that when a person approaches the deathyour brain goes through multiple changes, because according to a study published in the journal ‘Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience’, brain activity continues for 15 minutes even though vital processes have concluded.

What happens in the brain after death? Image: iStock

The experts reached this conclusion after analyzing the case of a man who died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 87, just at the time when brain monitoring was being performed, as he suffered from epilepsy.

After his death, the researchers discovered that after 30 seconds, there was a considerable increase in brain waves linked to cognitive activities and that are manifested when a person dreams, meditates or is in a state of deep concentration. Likewise, these oscillations They link to information management and memory. A conclusion that according to the author of the study, can explain why there are people who have claimed to see all the memories of their life when they die.


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