They invited him to a party, but he ended up cheating on the girl of the home: the crime of the subject who raped a 4-year-old neighbor

It was in June 2014, exactly 10 years ago, when the justice system sentenced Sergio Alcapán Moraga, a 21-year-old man who committed one of the most horrific crimes that are remembered in Talca.

In fact, the judge of the Oral Criminal Court of the capital of Maule It didn’t take him more than five minutes to tell the subject that he was guilty.. The arguments and evidence presented by the Prosecutor’s Office and the complainants left no room for doubt: The man raped and murdered Daniela, his 4-year-old neighbor.

Arrest of Sergio Alcapán, in September 2013.

Horror in Talca

The horrible event dates back to Saturday September 28, 2013inside the condemned man’s room, located in a home in the Santa Marta town.

According to the background, Alcapán Moraga, a friend of the family, shared at a party with the girl’s close circle on the night of Friday the 27th. However, the next morning, she decided to return to this house to take the little girl out of her under her deception and take her to her home.

Once the sexual crime was committed, the monster proceeded to beat and strangle the little girl to death. They found Daniela on the bed, lifeless, while The subject hid in the kitchen, naked, to inflict sharp wounds on himself. Despite his attempts, he was unable to take his own life.

Investigators carried out investigations at the scene of the incident. /Photo: The Network.

long sentence

After an extensive investigation, which lasted until mid-2014, the prosecutor in the case, Ángel Ávila, announced that it was possible to establish “the concurrence of two aggravating circumstances of criminal responsibility, one which is treachery and the other which is having acted with abuse of trust”.

During his statement, Sergio Alcapán said at all times he did not remember what happened and for the prosecution this was a clear sign that he never wanted to collaborate with the investigation for the crime of rape with homicide. According to the offender, he acted under the influence of alcohol and drugs..

In fact, when consulted by a journalist who approached him a few minutes after being detained, the individual said he was “repentant.”

“I was not well when it happened, I am sorry. “Forgive me”he said, confessing his authorship.


Finally, the court sentenced Sergio Alcapán Moraga to life imprisonment.

On that occasion, the then president of the Amparo and Justice Foundation, Ramón Suárez, indicated that “As representatives of the girl’s mother, we value the court’s ruling. “The sanction imposed allows us to maintain that justice has been done, a significant element within the reparation process.”.

“Although the sentence will not replace the irreparable loss that the victim’s relatives have experienced, we believe that it will contribute in part to mitigating the pain they feel”he added, in dialogue with BioBioChile.

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