They dictate preventive detention for the last three detainees

They dictate preventive detention for the last three detainees
They dictate preventive detention for the last three detainees
  • Carlos Pérez: material author
  • María Victoria Caillava: material author
  • Antonio Benítez: primary participant
  • Mónica del Cármen Millapi: primary participant
  • Daniel Ramírez: primary participant
  • Walter Maciel: concealment by royal favor qualified by the seriousness of the preceding crime and the author’s status as a public official, in his capacity as author.

Article 145 bis. of the Penal Code establishes that “anyone who offers, recruits, transfers, receives or harbors people for the purposes of exploitation, whether within the national territory, or from or to, will be punished with imprisonment of four (4) to eight (8) years. other countries, even if the consent of the victim is required.”

Meanwhile, in 145 ter. The same article indicates that “when the victim is under eighteen (18) years of age, the penalty will be ten (10) to fifteen (15) years in prison” for perpetrators or primary participants.

Caillava, Pérez and Maciel refused to testify and were placed in preventive detention

Goya’s prosecutors, Guillermo Barry and Juan Carlos Castillo, requested the coercive measure to Caillava, Pérez and Maciel for which the Guarantee Judge, Darío Ortiz, issued preventive detention for these last three detainees.

Loan Case: the case went to the Federal Justice

So far, the ordinary Justice has not provided results regarding Loan’s whereabouts, except for the olfactory trail of the dogs in Caillava and Pérez’s truck as the only notable evidence. As a result of this, added to the change in the cover of the case, the case passed into the hands of the Federal Justice.

“There was a proposal by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the incompetence of the provincial jurisdiction due to the matter, considering the new legal classification that had been charged to the detainees”confirmed this Monday afternoon the guarantee judge Darío Ortiz.

The hearing took place in the Goya Courts, where each of the parties had to present their position and their justification after listening to what was required by the prosecutor, the complaints and the defense lawyers of the six detained people.

“I made the decision to immediately declare incompetence due to the matter by virtue of the new legal classification attributed to the detainees. “These types of crimes must be investigated and processed by the Federal Justice.”Ortiz explained.

In this way, the procedural situation of the six detainees, the seized items and the proceedings were referred to the federal judge of Goya, Cristina Pozzer Penzo.

Loan disappearance: who are the 6 detainees

• Antonio Benitez: Loan’s uncle-in-law participated in the family lunch. He was the first arrested.

• Monica del Carmen Millapi: woman who participated in the lunch with her partner, Daniel Ramírez. Both would have gone to pick oranges with Antonio Benítez along with Loan and other children.

• Daniel Ramírez: known as “Fierrito”, partner of Mónica del Carmen Millapi. The couple was friends of Antonio Benítez.

• Victoria Caillava: municipal official, was at lunch with her husband. She was implicated because the dogs found odorous traces of Loan in the car they used to go to Resistencia, Chaco, the day after the boy’s disappearance, and in a truck.

• Carlos perez: retired from the Navy seven years ago, participated in the lunch. He maintained that he and his wife left before the first three detainees reported Loan’s disappearance.

• Walter Maciel: commissioner in charge of the 9 de Julio police station, is accused of concealment by delaying the start of the search and focusing only on the hypothesis of the loss to hide the maneuver for the possible abduction of the child. He is the person who authorized Caillava and Pérez to leave the town a few hours after Loan’s disappearance.

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