Challenge XX live today: chapter 56, follow minute by minute

Challenge XX live today: chapter 56, follow minute by minute
Challenge XX live today: chapter 56, follow minute by minute

Follow the minute by minute of chapter 56.

Photo: Caracol TV

In 2024, Caracol’s original entertainment format turns 20 and for this new season, it brought together a technical team of more than 200 professionals on location, including assembly, design, construction and painting, production, transportation, and food personnel. , art team, content and production, direction, makeup and costume artists, security and health services.

The winners will be a man and a woman, and during the competition there will be more than US$400 thousand in prizes. Follow below minute by minute:

The teams discuss Kratos’ departure from Challenge XX

The members of Omega talked about Kratos’ departure and in Beta they talk about the gift he gave to one of the members of this team.

Alpha returned home after completing his punishment.

The challengers said goodbye to Kratos and returned to their homes.

Death Challenge ended

Kratos was eliminated. Francisco, Yoifer and Hércules continue to the Two Teams stage.

Francisco advances to the Two Team stage and the test is over

Yoifer is the second challenger to advance to the Two Team stage

Hercules is the first to keep his place

Hercules became the first to retain his place in Challenge XX. Kratos received medical assistance.

Kratos receives medical assistance

Hercules and Yoifer are tied

Hercules took the lead in the Challenge to Death

Francisco, Hércules and Yoifer debate the lead

The defiant Francisco, Hércules and Yoifer joined forces to lift the weight over the mesh and pass under it. Meanwhile, Kratos recovered and began to pass under the mesh.

Francisco continues to lead

Yoifer caught up with Francisco

Francisco takes the lead in the Challenge to Death

Francisco was ahead of the other three challengers and managed to free the chain of cement spheres. Kratos and Hercules are hot on his heels.

The Death Challenge begins

The death challenge begins. Andrea Serna explained how the confrontation between Hercules, Kratos, Francisco and Yoifer will take place. Each one will have to pull a tire from a platform and descend to the first floor to then unearth a ladder that they will have to drag to the other side of a mesh and cross a series of obstacles with it.

The Black Box Challenge is coming

Hercules, Kratos, Francisco and Yoifer will face each other in the Black Box to retain their place in the Challenge and reach the two-team stage.

Goodbye to the challengers of the week

Andrea Serna confirmed that the Alpha team satisfactorily complied with its sanction and punishment. The presenter was also in charge of saying goodbye to the challengers of the week who were on each of the teams.

Alpha went out to train carrying the tires assigned to them, while the members of Omega improve their swimming technique.

The teams tell each other life stories

The Beta and Omega members tell personal experiences to their companions. Alpha arrived directly at Playa Baja to rest, before being woken up by an alarm.

The transmission of chapter 56 on Canal Caracol began.

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