the Italian sex and fidelity miniseries of only 6 episodes

the Italian sex and fidelity miniseries of only 6 episodes
the Italian sex and fidelity miniseries of only 6 episodes

A story based on the novel written by Marco Missiroli, set in the Italian cities of Milan and Rimini.

This Italian miniseries called Fedeltà is a romantic drama based on the novel by Marco Missiroli. The direction is by Elisa Amoruso and Laura Colella. It has a season of 6 episodes that last approximately 1 hour each and is available on the streaming platform. streaming most popular in the world, Netflix.

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One of the themes that the series addresses is the behavior and bond that unites a young couple in love who, after years of relationship, experiences certain conflicts that will test their fidelity, taking into account that their relationship is monogamous.


Carlo and Margherita, protagonists of the series Fidelidad, available on Netflix.

What Fidelidad is about, Netflix miniseries

Through scenes of love and eroticism, Fidelidad tells the story of Carlo and Margherita, a young couple in love who have a monogamous relationship and they promise to be faithful. This question will be tested in the scope of both.

Carlo is a professor of creative writing at a university and awakens an interest in one of his students, named Sofía. While Margherita is an architect turned real estate agent and fantasizes about her physical therapist named Andrea.

In order to resolve the conflicts involved in maintaining their fidelity, they buy an apartment in Milan to move in together and try to strengthen their bond.

Trailer for Fidelity, Netflix miniseries

Embed – Fidelity (IN SPANISH) | Official trailer | Netflix

Cast of Fidelity, Netflix miniseries

  • Lucrezia Guidone (Margherita)
  • Michele Riondino (Carlo)
  • Carolina Sala (Sofia)
  • Leonardo Pazzagli (Andrea)
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