a city woke up among the coldest in the world

The inhabitants of the Argentine town were surprised after the Naval Prefecture detected this unusual event in that area.

Ushuaia (-2 degrees) and the rest of the Argentine Patagonia finally emerged as some of the coldest places on the planet, according to the estimates that were made and the temperatures that marked these regions of our country this Tuesday.

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Until yesterday, the information indicated that the Argentine Patagonia would emerge as the coldest region in the world, but this was analyzed and denied by different meteorologists, confirming that the viralized image It was a numerical simulation that lacks detailed and professional analysis. In addition, the viralized map omitted other extremely cold places such as the poles and regions of Russia and Greenland.

However, a natural phenomenon that occurred this Monday on coasts near Ushuaia, It alerted professionals in the field and further confirmed the theory that the Argentine city was close to becoming the coldest on the planet.

The natural phenomenon that appeared in Ushuaia and alerted the citizens of the Argentine city

Ushuaia has been on alert since Monday due to the presence of a iceberg near its coasts, detected by ship crew using radar.


The appearance of an iceberg surprised the coasts of Ushuaia

The Argentine Naval Prefecture implemented a safety operation to prevent accidents and guarantee safe navigation in the coastal area.

“In view of the presence of an iceberg near the coast of Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego), fulfilling its functions of surveillance and control of maritime spaces,” the force stated.

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