The lawyer of the detained couple gave details that could turn the case around

Ernesto González, defender of María Victoria Caillava and Carlos Pérez, confirmed that his clients “want to testify.”

He couple accused of being co-authors of the crime of recruiting people for the purpose of aggravated exploitation if Loan Pena They are under the eye of the storm and, faced with the negative judicial scenario they have, their lawyer spoke and maintained that when their clients declare “They are going to give details.”

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Ernesto González, lawyer of the former official María Victoria Caillava and Carlos Pérez, He confirmed that his clients are going to testify about everything they were doing before, during and after the disappearance: “They were not reluctant at any time. They even stated that they wanted to testify, but they are scared.”

“When they declare they will give details of everything,” ratified. Likewise, he stressed that both “they are worried about Loan’s disappearance” and that they traveled to Chaco to “buy a mobile home.”

Couple accused of Loan Peña.jpeg

The couple accused of Loan Peña.

Search for Loan: the lawyer of the detained couple anticipated details that could change the case

This is because in the last few hours several images emerged showing the car. Ford Ka of marriage upon entry to Endurance the day after the little boy disappeared: “My clients will specify the day, place and time of their movements”he highlighted.

“They went to the doctor because Caillava has health problems and they bought the mobile home”he detailed.

In addition, Gonzalez He stressed that they went in the car so as not to use so much gasoline with the truck: “They had to go by car, either of them would help them go to Chaco.”

“They need time to calm down, yesterday they experienced a lot of tension and could not give a clear testimony”he expressed.

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