Luis Pliego reveals the reasons why Maria Jose Suarez is so upset with Alvaro Muñoz Escassi

Luis Pliego reveals the reasons why Maria Jose Suarez is so upset with Alvaro Muñoz Escassi
Luis Pliego reveals the reasons why Maria Jose Suarez is so upset with Alvaro Muñoz Escassi

It is the topic of the moment. For days, the breakup of Álvaro Muñoz Escassi (50 years old) and María José Suárez has not stopped making headlines. Yesterday, on ‘TardeAR’, the jockey broke his silence and spoke in great detail about the end of his relationship with the one who was Miss Spain in 1996. “With this I clarify that there is no need to look for anythingWe are no longer togetherShe announced it a month ago and now again this week. We haven’t been together for a long time,” he said bluntly about the end of his love story.

However, these words have not gone down well with María José Suárez. Luis Pliego has revealed in ‘TardeAR’ The exact reasons why the model feels upset after the intervention of the rider. For Suarez, Alvaro’s words yesterday were practically an attempt to “whitewashing infidelity.” “He blamed her because he came to say that they were no longer very together, that things had cooled down, that it was a relationship of comings and goings… She insists that in these 3 years they have only had a ‘break’ of 10 days when she discovered on the day in question that he was lying to her, Luis explained. María José’s position is clear and she would not understand that he justifies the infidelity “by saying that their relationship was cold because she did not perceive it that way.” The model and businesswoman feels totally outraged by Escassi’s behavior, who has been the one to blame “for ruining her love story.”

Maria Jose Suarez, hurt by the words of Alvaro Muñoz Escassi

There is no doubt that it is not easy for María José Suárez to manage this complicated situation; which is why she wanted to take her time before breaking her silence and speaking. A position that has also been criticised by people in the press. Regarding this, the director of Lecturas wanted to shed some light on the reasons why she has not spoken before. “At that time we were all calling her. The reason for the break-up had not been explained until now and in the end she considers that Hiba Abouk is a smokescreen,” Pliego said.

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From the minute the news broke, María José was the centre of attention and it was almost inevitable to feel overwhelmed by the situation. That is why Escassi’s call yesterday on ‘TardeAr’ was the straw that broke the camel’s back. “It was certainly a very ugly ending to a beautiful story. And this was days ago. I was already saying at the end that the breakup had not been particularly good,” said Luis Pliego.

The great regret of Alvaro Muñoz Escassi with Maria Jose Suarez

Although the businesswoman has not been convinced in the least by the words of her ex-partner, the truth is that the rider He tried to appear as sincere as possible In his interview with Beatriz Archidona, the former ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ contestant even revealed, in a very sincere way, what his biggest regret was during the last few weeks in which the relationship was already broken: “I have made mistakes and I will make them because I am human. I should not have gone on the cruise, “Although it was with the best intention, that of being with her,” he confessed regretfully.

Let’s remember that the snapshots of this trip caught everyone by surprise, since only a few days before their separation had been announced. In addition, it was a very special trip because it was also He was the son of Maria Jose. “First day on board the MSC Euribia with a stop in Copenhagen. This trip is as much for the destination c“I love the people I choose, it’s my favorite trip,” she shared on her Instagram account along with several snapshots. This made us think that they had given each other a second chance and were back together. However, we now know that The rider never looked favorably on this journey and regrets it.

The movement of Maria Jose Suarez on social networks

While the media storm continues, María José Suárez seems to have found refuge on their social networks, especially in the kind comments she has been receiving these days. Recently, the television personality published a video where she showed her gratitude for the affection she has received. “Calm, serene, with a clear conscience and a full soul. Thank you for all the nice comments you have sent me privately, I am still reading, because I read you all”she shared. The post was quickly filled with a host of messages of support. What’s more, the most significant thing about all this is that Suarez has been liking some of those commentseven those who are very forceful against the rider for his attitude.

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