Joe Biden resists and reaffirms that he will not back down from his candidacy for reelection: “I am going to run”

Joe Biden resists and reaffirms that he will not back down from his candidacy for reelection: “I am going to run”
Joe Biden resists and reaffirms that he will not back down from his candidacy for reelection: “I am going to run”

Joe Biden He is holding out and does not intend to back down from his presidential bid despite growing pressure from the American press and Democratic leaders.I’m going to applyI am the leader of the Democratic Party. Nobody is going to get me out“the president said, according to a senior aide quoted by AP.

Biden, accompanied by the vice president Kamala Harrismade a surprise appearance at the Democratic National Committee on Wednesday. Attendees at the meeting said it was a pep talk, discussing what’s at stake in the Nov. 25 election.

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The president, according to sources, reaffirmed that he will recover after his poor performance in the debate with Donald Trump last Thursday.

What is Joe Biden’s strategy?

Meanwhile, the White House chief of staff, Jeff Zientscalled to turn off the “noise” and focus on the task of governing.

Biden himself began reaching out to the Democratic leadership in an attempt to quell the internal rebellion. He spoke privately with senior Democratic lawmakers, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer; House Minority Leader, Hakeem Jeffries; the senator from Delaware, Chris Coonsand South Carolina Representative, James Clyburnaccording to another White House official and other people familiar with the conversations. Zients also spoke with Schumer and Clyburn.

President Joe Biden listens during a visit to the Washington, D.C., Emergency Operations Center, Tuesday, July 2, 2024, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)By: AP

A memo sent on Wednesday by the campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillonand the campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguezinsisted that the election between Biden and Trump will remain close, in an attempt to downplay the lasting effects of the debate.

Biden had planned to host a number of Democratic governors at the White House. Among them were Tim Walzof Minnesota, who leads the Democratic Governors Association; J.B. Pritzkerfrom Illinois; Maura Healeyde Massachusetts; Daniel McKeefrom Rhode Island; Gretchen Whitmerfrom Michigan; Andy Beshear, from Kentucky, and Gavin Newsomfrom California, according to his aides. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooperand the one in New Jersey, Phil Murphyhad planned to attend virtually.

The New York Times said Biden is considering dropping his nomination

The political and media “chatter” about Biden’s possible withdrawal from the nomination is growing day by day. On Wednesday, The New York Times reported that the president was considering the possibility of withdrawing from the nomination. possibility of withdrawing from the presidential race in the United StatesThe newspaper cited an adviser to the president as a source, although it did not reveal his identity.

Although the spokesman stressed that Biden “He is still deeply immersed in the fight for re-electionunderstands that his next appearances on television and at public events have to go well.

President Joe Biden has so far been adamant, both publicly and privately, that he will continue in the race. (Photo: AP/Jacquelyn Martin)By: AP

The person, The New York Times notes, spoke on condition of anonymity. to discuss “a delicate situation” and, according to this newspaper, it is the first public indication that the president is seriously considering whether he can recover after a devastating performance on the debate stage in Atlanta. A senior Biden adviser, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, He said the president is “very aware of the political challenge he faces.”

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Biden, 81, has been harshly criticized for his performance in the debate in which he projected an aged image, with a hoarse voice and difficulty finishing some of his sentences, increasing doubts among voters and members of the Democratic Party about his ability to continue governing and face Trump in the November elections. The president acknowledged on Tuesday that he “almost fell asleep” due to jetlag from the trips to Italy and France a few days earlier.

Doubts among Democratic legislators

President Joe Biden’s disastrous performance in last week’s debate has resonated strongly throughout the Democratic Partyforcing lawmakers to confront a crisis that could turn the presidential election on its head and change the course of American history. As the president’s future is being defined, different voices have begun to emerge in the last few hours.

Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett became a House Speaker on Tuesday the first sitting Democrat in Congress to call for Biden to step down from the race. He praised the president, but said he “has the opportunity to encourage a new generation of leaders who can choose a nominee who will unite our country through an open and democratic process.”

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Some Other congressional Democrats have expressed concernnot only because of Biden’s performance during the 90-minute debate last week, but also because of the level of transparency Biden’s team has offered about his mental fitness. They have quietly shifted to the idea that Biden should step down.

“Everyone is asking one question in the Democratic Party… Which is, how do we defeat Donald Trump and How will we overcome the threat of authoritarianism? Rep. Jamie Raskin, a prominent Maryland Democrat, said on MSNBC Tuesday night. He added that the question of whether Biden remains the presidential candidate, or whether Democrats choose someone else, “is a moving target. It needs to happen soon.”

Following the presidential debate, Trump received some good news from the judiciary. (Photo: AP/Jeffrey Phelps)By: AP

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island told a local CBS affiliate that He was “horrified” by Biden’s performance and for the falsehoods Trump told during the debate.

“People want to be assured that this is a campaign that is ready to go and win,” Whitehouse said. “That the president and his team are honest with us about his condition — that this was a true anomaly.”

Some worry that Biden’s weakness could dampen the enthusiasm of potential voters, creating a ripple effect that would hurt Democrats as they try to maintain a slim majority in the Senate and regain control of the House. Democratic candidates for lower offices are confident they can outperform Biden in undecided races, but if large numbers of voters reject Biden, that could hurt them.

With information from EFE and AP.

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