The curious post by Dario Benedetto after Milton Gimenez’s transfer to Boca


The message coincided with the announcement of the signing of the now ex-Banfield striker and suggests a reaction to it. El Pipa has been absent from the team’s squad since May, after a controversial episode in which he arrived late to a training session after his birthday party.

Diego Martinez and Pipa Benedetto

Since then, Martinez has decided not to use him any more. In fact, in a press conference, he avoided controversy and justified the absence of the striker for sporting reasons. Benedetto, despite his record and experience, seems to be out of the team’s immediate plans.

With the arrival of Giménez, Benedetto’s future at Boca seems uncertain, although he still has a contract until December. The new signing will be an alternative to Edinson Cavani y Miguel Merentiel in the team’s attack.


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