Public TV changes its name and logo: it will no longer be “public” but could return to being “Argentina”

Public TV changes its name and logo: it will no longer be “public” but could return to being “Argentina”
Public TV changes its name and logo: it will no longer be “public” but could return to being “Argentina”


The public media comptroller, Diego Chaher, was promoted by the Government and is the new Secretary of State Companies and Societies, dependent on the Cabinet Office. In his place was appointed Eduardo Gonzalez, what He will take on the role of controller of APESa (formerly Telam), Argentine Radio and Television (National Radio and Public TV), and Public Contents (Pakapaka, Encuentro and DeporTV)The announcement was made on Wednesday, after the Senate removed RTA from the Ley Bases list of companies to be privatized.

The measure was confirmed through the decree 576published this Thursday in the Official Gazette

After the departure of Juan Parodi as director of Public TV, on March 22, Eduardo Gonzalez had become the interim head of the television channel.

Since March, González served as general coordinator of all public media during the intervention of lawyer Diego Chaher, intervenor of Argentine Radio and TV (RTA)the organization that includes the state channel, as well as Radio Nacional, Télam and Radiodiferencia Argentina al Exterior.

González has an extensive career in the media, including his position as director of techniques and operations at Telefe, his general management of Channel 9, and his participation in the team of management at Supercanal SA (a cable TV company) when its CEO was Luis Galli. He holds a degree in Aeronautical and Space Engineering from the National University of La Plata; he completed a Master’s in Business Administration at the School of Economics and International Business at the University of Belgrano and the Postgraduate Program in Senior Management at IESE Barcelona, ​​a Business School dependent on the University of Navarra.

Eduardo González, new RTA auditor Public TV Press

He also received the Paul Harris Award from the Rotary Club International, in recognition of his participation in the construction of a school for disabled students in Jachal, San Juan. He taught at universities in the public and private sector. He has experience in the administration and reconversion of different types of companies such as media, services and commercial airlines, among others.

Throughout his professional career, he developed a great ability to put together teams. He also advised different national and international companies on issues related to purchases and acquisitions of companies, productivity, repositioning, design and implementation of strategic plans, start up of companies, general business management, improving results and financial balance.

The front of the state channel announcing the matches of the 2022 World Cup, in which Argentina would end up being crownedTVP Press

It is estimated that on Monday 22nd the state channel will change its name and logo. Although the channel is still expecting something, the details are currently being kept under wraps. It was only known that the word “public” will be removed from the name, and the term “Argentina” could be added, which had already been used in previous governments and administrations, along with a slogan that would be a nod to President Javier Milei.

Let us remember that Channel 7, from 1979 to 2000, was called Argentina Televisora ​​Color (ATC), and from 2000 to 2006, Canal Siete Argentina. It was then renamed Televisión Pública and in 2016 Televisión Pública Argentina. In 2019, it was called TV Pública again, which is why in certain sectors it is understood that the term “public” refers directly to the governments of Néstor Kirchner, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Alberto Fernández, a reference that the current national administration wants to leave aside.

According to what he was able to find out THE NATION, The channel’s graphics and new logo are the responsibility of the creative department and the digital media department of the public channel; as it was not commissioned to a third party or a company external to RTA, this change would have zero cost for the management. In this way, the line that everything that is being done in terms of the public channel does not spend state money is followed, which is González’s main objective.

The programs that will be launched during this month (this week the sports news program debuted) mixed zone, from 18 to 19, with Luli Fernández and Miguel Osovi) are the beginning of a grid that will be completed in August. These additions are made with the money generated by the commercial department from the sale of advertising in the programs; the idea is that each cycle that goes on air seeks external funding, from private companies, to cover production and artistic expenses, even some hosts or artists are already joining with their own advertisers.

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