The best memes to celebrate the United States Independence Day

Each July 4thThe United States dresses in colors, emotions and pride to celebrate the Independence Day.

This date not only commemorates the freedom and independence of the country, but also becomes an opportunity to reflect on the universal value of freedom and independence of the human being. And although it may not seem like it, memes, in addition to being very funny, are timely for this task.

In addition to the traditional celebrations, there is an avalanche of memes that recall the formal separation of the thirteen British colonies in North America, with a touch of mischief and fun.

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Year after year, memes are present in the context of the Independence of the United States. Some address traditions, others the activities of the celebration and even emblematic characters of American popular culture, such as The Simpsons.


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Here are some of the best memes that have been circulating this July 4th:

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One of the memes that has attracted the most attention in recent years relates Bad Bunny to the 4th of July for his song “A tu merced.” The track includes a verse with a sexual meaning, which is why it becomes a trend on this date.

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