National Universities demanded salary increase for teachers and non-teaching staff

National Universities demanded salary increase for teachers and non-teaching staff
National Universities demanded salary increase for teachers and non-teaching staff

At the headquarters of the National Interuniversity Council (CIN) a meeting was held between Representatives of the rectors of all national universitiesof teaching and non-teaching workers and of the Argentine University Federation, in which the situation facing the Argentine university system. During the meeting, there was a claim for the wage recomposition for teachers and non-teaching staff.

After the meeting, the CIN issued a statement in which it expressed concern “about the critical and unacceptable salary situation faced by teachers and non-teaching staff in the public university system and about the Lack of updating of university student assistance programssubstantial and often decisive for the continuity of their career.

The rector of the National University of Rosario (UNR), Franco Bartolacci, said that throughout the year the problems that put at risk the normal development of activities were becoming apparent: “One was the budget problem, another was the issue workers’ salaries, another linked to the economic crisis that affects our students who benefit from discontinued scholarshipsthe situation of paralyzed public works and that of the scientific system, which concerns us because we are part of the same community.”

During the meeting, the need for produce an urgent recomposition of the salary situation of the workers of all national universities.

“The situation is the most critical in the last 40 years. We are going through a brutal loss of purchasing power of 50% or 60% and it is impossible to imagine the normal development of university activities if there is no solution. There is no university possible without a decent salary for education workers,” explained Rector Bartolacci.

In this regard, the head of the UNR stressed that “if there are no decent conditions for our teaching and non-teaching staff There is no way to think of a university with normal activity”, and announced that a statement has been issued calling for this urgent restructuring, in addition to the need to update student grants that are still at last year’s values.

“We form a Coordination table of all the institutions that make up the university system to evaluate joint measures from the beginning of the recess onwards in order to reverse this situation,” said Bartolacci.

After the completion of the Federal University March at the end of Aprilthe National Government was able to resolve the situation of operating expenses. However, the The issue of workers’ wages has not changed so far..

“Following the moving demonstration of society, we began to find a response to the situation of operating expenses. But this is a minor issue. There has been no response in recent months regarding the salary situation and it is the point that worries us the most and that most commits us to the future,” Bartolacci said, adding: “Today, Half of the workers in the national university system are below the poverty line. This is an unacceptable and unfair situation that seriously jeopardizes the possibility of carrying out activities normally. With the same energy and commitment that we had with the operating expenses, we are going to demand the salary situation of our workers and the scholarships. There is no solution for the university system if all the problems are not addressed together.”

Finally, Bartolacci stated that “we must do more and better things in education and science and to do so we must prioritize it as public policy and prioritize it in terms of budget investment“He stressed that the demonstration on April 23 was “very heterogeneous, but I believe that the most important value it had was the unity behind a single defense, which is the defense of education, universities and science.”

He also made it clear that The situation “is dramatic, unsustainable and unacceptable”and that a claim is being made to the national authorities to reach “an urgent and speedy resolution, also to the legislators so that they approve laws that guarantee predictability in the salary issue and if necessary, we will also evaluate going to court.”

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