‘Bielsa brought a project for trainers and all categories to Mexico’; Jesús Martínez reveals how close he was to El Tri – Fox Sports

‘Bielsa brought a project for trainers and all categories to Mexico’; Jesús Martínez reveals how close he was to El Tri – Fox Sports
‘Bielsa brought a project for trainers and all categories to Mexico’; Jesús Martínez reveals how close he was to El Tri – Fox Sports

They say that “what if” does not exist, but it is inevitable to think What the Mexican National Team would have been like with Marcelo Bielsa as a coach. Something that was not so far from happening because Jesus Martinez, President of Pachuca Grouprevealed that he already had it promised to be on the bench of the Trialthough “others” did not approve the project.

Guest on FOX Sports Radio within the framework of the Sports Summit Mexico 2024, Jesus Martinez confessed that Bielsa was very close to the Tricolor and came with a truly revolutionary projectwhich included all amateur and professional categories, as well as training and Development of talent trainers to gradually nourish the clubs and the National Team.

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Marcelo Bielsa: Why didn’t he make it to the Mexican National Team?

Currently coach of Uruguayone of the continent’s powers, Marcelo Bielsa already knew Mexican football for his time as helmsman of América and Atlas. Although that was decades ago, his constant obsession with knowing about global football keeps him Very informed about what is happening in Mexico.

That’s why Jesus Martinez invited Marcelo Bielsa to be Mexico’s coachsomething that the Argentine had already agreed to with a Total plan for Mexican soccerbut unfortunately, they believed that Jaime Lozano was a better option and the Fool’s scheme did not prosper anymore.

“The problem is rooted and structural. I proposed Marcelo Bielsais a revolutionary and obsessive, we spent hours talking, came with a project for the structure from belowtrainers, Third and Second Division, everything”Martinez said on FOX Sports Radio.

“We needed someone like that and There are no people like Marcelo Bielsa on every cornernow we need to hire highly qualified people to come and make the radical change. You won’t see the results in 6 months. Because, for a serious project, you need at least 6 to 8 years to start seeing progress”he added.

Jesus Martinez asks Jaime Lozano and Juan Carlos Rodriguez for support

He Mexican soccer is experiencing one of its worst moments in the last 40 yearswith multiple negative results in the main scenarios, a generation of footballers that seems to lack the talent and personality that others have had, in addition to the many accusations against the Liga MX competition system.

Although the The scenario is not flattering for the Mexican National Teamwith the World Cup at home just two years away, Jesus Martinez expresses his support for Juan Carlos Rodriguezhigh commissioner of Mexican football, Now Jaime Lozano on the Tricolor bench.

“A radical change is coming to our football. We should feel proud that there are several Investment Funds worldwide that believe in Mexican football and will believe even more if everything is restructured as necessary. I have great confidence in Juan Carlos Rodríguez, the man who has entered the history of Mexican soccer with the most power. And I already told him that he cannot let down our football or the fans”he indicated.

“The Pachuca Group, before Pachuca or León, has Mexico ahead of it. If tomorrow they want Guillermo Almada, we will support him as we did at the time with Javier Aguirre, but I want to emphasize that I have a lot of faith in Jimmy Lozano’s projecta very studious and methodical Mexican”he added.

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