Irina Baeva will leave “Aventurera”; Juan Osorio announces a new actress

Irina Baeva will leave “Aventurera”; Juan Osorio announces a new actress
Irina Baeva will leave “Aventurera”; Juan Osorio announces a new actress
Irina Baeva made her debut in “Aventurera” in June. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Apparently the criticism towards Irina Baeva for her role in the play “Aventurera” has already taken its toll and the producer Juan Osorio is preparing a change of protagonist. The Russian-born performer was compared to other figures who appeared in the musical such as Edith González, Maribel Guardia and Niurka for her dancing style.

Regarding the controversy that followed her in the first performances of “Aventurera”, she defended herself by pointing out that she does not give importance to negative comments. Now, less than a month from the premiere of the production, there is already talk that it will have a replacement.

Irina Baeva to leave “Aventurera”? Another actress is announced to join

In the face of criticism, both Irina Baeva and Juan Osorio commented that they asked the public for time so that they could perfect their work on stage. Juan Osorio’s position changed drastically, as he has just announced in an interview with Televisa Espectáculos that on July 18th “Aventurera” will have a new actress.

Without specifying whether Irina Baeva will be left out of the play, so far it has been said that it is only an alternation, that is, that the new actress will share duties with the Gabriel Soto’s girlfriend.

Another announcement of the play is that it will feature Nicola Porcella. As for the criticisms of Irina, they were also launched by famous people such as Niurka Markos. The Cuban failed his way of dancing and even assured that Yes Carmen Salinaswho produced the play for some 20 years, would not approve of Irina’s performance.

They want Maria Leon as “Adventurer”

Following the discontent surrounding Irina Baeva’s leading role, María León, Ivonne Montero and Lis Viga have been proposed on social media as options to be stars of the musical.

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