“It’s something more serious than it seems”

ISabel Pantoja is one of the most recognized personalities in this country. Everything the singer does always keeps her in the spotlight of media information.. Normally, for some time now, the information that keeps her in the center tends to be controversial. There are several problems that have plagued the artist over the years.

Nowadays, where the media is concerned, her relationship with her children is the focus, especially with Kiko Rivera, with whom she has been in conflict for some time now. The singer never misses an opportunity during her concerts to leave a message or two for the relatives who are no longer with her.

As he also did on one occasion on stage, but in reverse, where he remembered his niece, his favourite, Anabel Pantoja. Isabel possibly left one of the best moments when she revealed the gender of Anabel’s baby, all of this unintentionally.

Although due to the information revealed by the Telecinco program, ‘Así es la vida’, The singer is not going through the best of health at the moment, and gave all her fans a little scare.

From ‘Así es la vida’ they gave the information of Isabel Pantoja’s admission

Apparently, Isabel Pantoja was admitted to hospital in the early hours of Thursday to Friday, June 5. This news did not reach the media, but it was later known due to the information of the Mediaset program that: “The doctors have considered whether to perform surgery or not and have decided not to do the operation.”

Antonio Montero, a reporter for the program, commented that“It’s more serious than it seems,” he added. “A close source assures us that he has an operation scheduled and that he will go through with it.”

An income that adds to his health problems for which cancelled a concert in Valladolid on June 29 and in Tenerife on April 24.

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