Live Chapter 63 Challenge 2024: Beta and Omega can choose their new teams

Chapter 63 of the Challenge begins with Andrea Serna meeting with the captains of Alpha, Beta and Omega, there she confirms that the history of the Challenge has changed and that the blue squadron is the only one that has not lowered its flag in any edition.

Each of the captains has the opportunity to speak with the presenter, Karoline is happy about her role in the Yellow Box, while Alejo and Luisa, on the verge of tears, celebrate that they wrote history. Finally, Santi and Dickson, unable to stop crying, explain what they feel after losing.

Alpha says goodbye to its shield and officially lowers its flag while the challengers in the houses are moved by the scene of Santi and Dickson, who must hand over the belongings of the purple team.

How the new Challenge teams turned out:

Karoline and Wisdom chose: Kevyn, Darlyn, Yoifer, Dickson, Hercules and Glock.

Alejo and Luisa mentioned: Renzo, Karen, Francisco, Mapi, Santi and Natalia.

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