Meat consumption in Argentina registered the biggest drop in the last hundred years

Annual per capita consumption this year will be under 45 kilosmuch less than the historical average of almost 73 kilos. It will also be lower than the record of 1920, when 46.9 kilos were consumed per inhabitant.

Despite everything, in the international comparisonArgentina continues to be one of the countries with highest per capita consumptionwith an intake practically equal to that of Uruguay and far surpassing the United States (38 kg), Australia (27 kg) and Chile (26 kg).

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Total consumption of beef, poultry and pork in Argentina could reach around 105.7 kg per inhabitant in 2024


What protein alternatives have been promoted in the face of the economic crisis?

It is projected that this year each Argentine consumes 45 kg of beefwhich represents the lowest figure in the last 110 years. Beef consumption in Argentina has been on a downward trend since the second half of the last century, as it has been replaced by other protein sources.

But this trend “This is aggravated by the current recession that the Argentine economy is going through and which is leading many consumers to lean towards the consumption of chicken and pork, these being cheaper alternatives.”indicated the Rosario Stock Exchange.

In this scenario, total consumption of beef, poultry and pork in Argentina could reach around 2024 105.7 kg per inhabitant. It would represent a 9% drop compared to 2023, and it would be the lowest consumption since 2011. That is to say, Argentines are consuming more and more less animal protein.


Each inhabitant would consume in 2024 seven kilos less meat compared to the average of the last ten years, which is 112.8 kg. According to the entity, the composition of the meat diet of the average inhabitant would be the following: 42% beef, 42% poultry meat y 16% pork.

The proportion of beef is believed to have fallen by 3.5 percentage points compared to 2023, reaching a historic low. At the same time, consumption of beef is expected to have declined by 3.5 percentage points compared to 2023, reaching a historic low. Poultry meat increased by 2.4 percentage points year-on-year.

Has the ability to buy our Argentine classic fallen?

For the first time on record, the average inhabitant in Argentina would consume in 2024 the same amount of beef and poultry (around 44.5 kg). Pork consumption, for its part, would increase by 1.1 percentage points compared to the previous year.

Meanwhile, the average gross remuneration of the salaried sector would be enough to buy 146.6 kg of roast in 2024. It means a down 5.6% compared to 2023, when the purchasing power of salaries was 155.2 kg.

Compared to the average consumption of the last ten years, in 2024 each inhabitant would consume about 22 kg less per personwith a 13.3% drop.

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