The young Sahrawi man detained at Loiu airport is released

The young Sahrawi man detained at Loiu airport is released
The young Sahrawi man detained at Loiu airport is released

This was confirmed by anti-racism activist Nayua Jatri Aduh. They have now requested entry authorisation on humanitarian grounds, a request supported by the Spanish Ministry of Youth and Children.

The young Sahrawi man held at Loiu airport since 23 June was released early this morning, the NGO Zehar-Errefuxiatuekin reported.

Anti-racism activist Nayua Jatri Aduh confirmed this to EITB, adding that she is now staying with a friend.

Now, they have requested authorization to enter, and the Spanish Minister of Youth and Childhood, Siera Abed Rego, has reported in a statement that they argue Humanitarian reasonsand has shown its support for the petition.

Yesterday I was going to be deported The young man was flown to Morocco on a plane, but the plane’s commander refused to take him, citing security reasons, and the National Police stated that the deportation would take place on another flight on Sunday.

The 20-year-old was held at Loiu airport for almost two weeks, after The Spanish Government rejected the request for asylum.

The young Sahrawi fears being imprisoned as soon as he arrives in Morocco, as he claims to be a persecuted political activist.

Cross-Refugees has expressed its support for the request submitted by the lawyers of the Sahrawi activist to the Spanish Government Subdelegation office in Bizkaia to avoid the deportation of the young man detained at Bilbao Airport.

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